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Zoom Film Matinee Days

As we would appear to be going into another stage of the covid virus/lockdown, we have decided to show a series of films via Zoom.

You don’t need to download the zoom app, just click in the link that will be sent a day or so before. There will be a short introduction to the films and then a chat after, if you wish.

Please find out how to ‘mute’ yourselves on zoom to prevent unintentional interuptions.

The first film will be THE GOOD DIE YOUNG on Weds 28th October at 1.30pm.

The second film will be DEAD END on Weds 25th November, again at 1.30pm.

The December film will be a seasonal one, yet to be decided.

If proven popular, 2021 will bring on a monthly basis – SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON – MY WEEK WITH MARILYN – THE HISTORY BOYS and CAPTAIN PHILLIPS.

Please see attached poster for full film details.

Film Shows via Zoom Oct and Nov 2020

No action required by your goodselves, just click on the link (which will be sent a day or so before) a couple of minutes before the time on the day.

Best regards, take care and keep safe

Melvyn Francis
Vice Chairman

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Online Zoom Monthly Meeting

The online Zoom Monthly Meeting will be held on October 14th at 2.00pm

Part 1

1. Welcome to the meeting
2. Update on activity

Part 2
‘It’s a long way up’ Trekking to Everest Base Camp and beyond. Terry Hill and I have both completed this trek and we will describe and show you the area and its peoples as we talk through the journey from start to finish. You will discover Terry’s affinity with Yaks, how balaclavas can be used to check the outside temperature and much more.

David Rose

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British Gas/Door to Door scams

25/09/2020: British Gas phishing email currently doing the rounds

British Gas is making its customers aware of a fake email telling its customers that they’ve ‘overpaid’. As with similar phishing attempts we’ve been made aware of, fraudsters are after your personal data and/or bank details. Here’s what the fake email looks like

British Gas Response
We’re aware there is a fake email going around telling our customers they’ve overpaid and are entitled to more than £400 in refunds. If you’ve received this or another suspect phishing email from us, you can send it as an attachment to and we’ll investigate.

The passing off of well-known and respected brands is nothing new. This year we’ve seen Bit coin scammers impersonating Martin Lewis and the Mirror by email, and similar phishing attempts disguised as emails from the Royal Mail.

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Door to Door Driveway Scam

Please be warned – do not accept any work from people just knocking on your door offering services such as the example below and others such as tree pruning, rubbish clearing , tarmac, drive and roof repairs .

In our local area very recently a female resident has been targeted by two young males who door knocked offering to level, jet wash, re-sand and seal her block paving driveway. They did not do the job as agreed. They damaged her car and refused to admit responsibility and charged her a large amount of money only accepting cash. She felt intimidated, scammed and ultimately foolish but thankfully not too upset and said “lesson learned”. I’m sure they have moved on to their next vulnerable target but please ensure that you and any vulnerable neighbours are aware.

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Latest Covid-19 Advice

To read the latest advice please click below:-

Covid-19 Advice 14 September 2020

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Message from the Chair

A September ‘Hello’ to all members.

Thank you for the significant response to our online AGM and for supporting the resolutions. As Barrie stated in his August message he did not expect to be our chairman beyond April‘s AGM. During the period between the March lockdown and now there was lots of correspondence to deal with, decisions to make and frequent Zoom meetings to attend by the Chair. On behalf of all of us at Hucknall and District U3A we extend our thanks to Barrie for carrying on and for remaining on the committee until April 2022.

We would also like to thank Melvyn Francis for standing as Vice Chair and to Greg Umney who has taken on the role of Membership Secretary following on from Marguerite who did a great job for the maximum term of 6 years.

What we are experiencing today is unprecedented in our lifetime. However we know about the ‘Spanish Flu’ and from an even earlier time the Black Death. In the spring of 1918 Mother Nature unleashed the deadliest strain of influenza in modern history. The virus infected as much as 40 percent of the global population over the next 18 months. Of these, an estimated 20 to 50 million died — more than the roughly 17 million people killed during the First World War. Spain was one of only a few major European countries to remain neutral during World War I. Unlike in the Allied and Central Powers nations, where wartime censors suppressed news of the flu to avoid affecting morale, the Spanish media was free to report on it in detail. Hence it was referred to as the ‘Spanish Flu’.

Today we are adapting our lifestyles to minimise the spread and effects of Covid-19. As we are aware older people usually suffer more severe effects than young people, this means it is even more important for U3As to adopt a common sense, safety first, approach to restarting activities. National U3A advice follows from the current Government advice which changes as circumstances change.

David Rose, Chairman

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