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Research Invitation for Women aged 70+

An invitation for women aged 70+ to take part in a research project about healthy ageing.

Dr Ellie Lunt, at the School of Medicine is looking to recruit healthy women aged 70 years and over to take part in her study. She is exploring how our muscles change as we age.

It’s a one-off visit which should last no more than an hour and you can claim back parking and transport costs.

Please see details on the poster and the additional information below:-

Comparison study poster

Background and aim

We know that as we age, muscle shrink and weaken. This also occurs when we are unable to walk or move normally (known as immobility). If we are immobile and older it can take our muscle much longer to get back to normal when we are active again than it does in younger people.

This study is part of a bigger study looking at muscle loss and weakness in older people with frailty when they are immobile following a broken bone and how they recover. The aim of this part of the study is to find out how muscles are affected by ageing when people are in good health and able to walk independently or using a stick. We are measuring muscle size and strength in healthy older and younger people to compare differences seen as we age. We will compare these to our patient group to find out more about frailty, falls and muscle loss with ageing. The information will be used to plan interventions for our patient group.

What does the study involve?

Attend the laboratory for one visit.

Liz Attenborough/ David Rose can supply more details if required.

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Message from the Chair

Writing these notes it is raining outside yet only a few days ago we were basking in record breaking high temperatures. Just what would we start our conversations with if not for the weather!!!!!!!

My apologies for missing the last Members’ meeting but illness got the better of me. A big thank you for your generous donations for the Charity Speaker, which was much appreciated.

All the Interest groups seem to be running well although a couple have had some problems regarding leadership of the group. The new groups are progressing well and the Acoustic Guitar group, for example, is busy sorting out its equipment already.

David Rose and the cycling group had a successful and enjoyable time on their Notts Bike ride, David will fill you in with more details at the August meeting.

I am away on holiday in August so I will leave the meeting to our Vice-Chairs, Margaret Huckerby and Siobhan Lee and I will resume the Chair at September’s meeting.

Barrie Saunders

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MacMillan Collection

After the meeting our members contributed a marvellous £133.31 to Macmillan.

Many thanks to everyone.

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Message from the Chair

Those of you who attended the AGM may recall that I spoke about using the knowledge and skills of members to start up some new groups within the our U3A. We are lucky to have many Interest groups already, over fifty at present, which are all well led by Interest Group leaders and overseen by our Co-ordinator, Siobhan.

Whilst reading the latest copy of the Third Age Magazine, page 11, I came across a list of sixty four Subject advisors yet when looking closer it became clear that we only have nine of these subjects available at Hucknall. It is obvious therefore, that there is plenty of opportunity for members to find a subject that you may have skills in or could just research and offer to set up a new group.

If you are able to help then please write your contact details on the New Groups Board at the Monthly meeting or contact myself or Siobhan directly. You might be surprised to find that there are other members who are like minded.

Please give this message careful consideration and if you can help please do so, it would benefit the U3A in so many ways. Siobhan, myself and the rest of the Committee, would be very willing to help you in any way that we are able.

Barrie Saunders

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Change to April Meeting Entertainer

There will be a change of entertainer at April’s Monthly Meeting when Magician and Entertainer, David Moylan will replace Vince Eager who is sadly not now available. Vince will be booked for a future meeting.

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