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Plea for Musical Director/Accompanist

The Choir desperately needs a musical director and accompanist in order to continue. The role entails a commitment of four enjoyable hours each month together with a little forward planning.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, perhaps a music teacher or piano player who would be willing to take on this voluntary role, please contact Christine Hemsley, the group leader, on the form below:-

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Message from our Chair

Hello to all members. I hope some of you have managed to take a break from lockdowns and routines, perhaps a staycation or a visit to family and friends. Some may even have ventured abroad in spite of the reams of paperwork and threats of quarantine. But as summer fades we have much to look forward to. Autumn, after all, can be a lovely season.

When I was youngster I remember adults using the expression: ‘the nights are drawing in’. Being young and naive, I did not really understand that it meant that it is becoming dark at an earlier time in the evening, because autumn or winter is approaching. The days draw in and the mornings also get darker.

As we approach September it’s happening now as we leave the long summer nights behind. Fortunately we can begin the meet indoors and welcome the restarting of some of our much-missed Interest Groups.

However Covid has not gone away and although many restrictions have been lifted ‘Hands, face, space and fresh air’ is still relevant. To allow a degree of sensible social distancing, some groups are booking bigger rooms.

The venues we use for meetings have their own risk assessments in place for the use of the building for both Covid and generic risks and members are encouraged to consider personal risk and consider their own circumstances before joining any activity.

Sunday 22nd August was the John Godber Centre Open Day. The idea was for groups that use the building to set up a stall to display and advertise what they do. We had member volunteers Maureen Newton, Sue Foss, Rose Ridley, Barbara Ives ,Siobhan Lee and myself available to explain to visitors what we as a u3a can offer to people in their ‘3rd Age’. My thanks to all of them –see the article in this month’s newsletter.

David Rose, Chairman

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September 2021 – Scams

Telephone Text Scams – Why text scams are so prevalent

According to a recent survey, three in five of us have received a fake text claiming to be from a delivery company in the past year. The reason why text messages are frequently used by scammers is because sending them doesn’t rely on an internet connection, like a WhatsApp message does, and they don’t have to pass a spam filter like an email. Texts are also less likely to be missed, and many legitimate organisations use a text message to contact customers.

How to protect yourself from text scams
-Don’t follow any links
The most effective way to avoid text scams is to ignore links. Clicking on links could lead you to download malware and malicious software.
– Don’t share personal information
Treat all messages requesting sensitive information with suspicion. Legitimate organisations will never text you to ask for your personal or banking details.
-Contact the organisation directly
If you’re unsure, contact the company that claims to have sent it. Use the official contact details listed on their website.
– Don’t reply
Replying to a fake text, calling the number or clicking suspicious links only lets scammers know your number is being used.
-Report it
You can report fake texts by forwarding the message to 7726, which is a free reporting service provided by phone operators. This information is then shared with police and intelligence agencies.

David Rose

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Message from our Chair

Hello to all members,
In what seems like no time at all we have reached August. The school holidays are in full swing and for many of us it means spending time with and entertaining our grandchildren. Many of you will be experts on White Post Farm, Wheelgate, Rufford and other country parks, Crich Tramway Museum and many more places where youngsters can run free. Little wonder that by September we are ready for a holiday.

I recently read a book called ‘Tales of Old Nottinghamshire’. One of the chapters is about Sir Thomas Parkyns who lived in Bunny Hall. He was born in 1663, and educated at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied law at Gray’s Inn, was a lover of Latin, and had knowledge of mechanics, mathematics, and architecture. A fine athlete, he never had a day’s illness until he was 78, and even in middle life he was a good runner.

But his fame lay in his love of wrestling. He is remembered as the Wrestling Baronet; he called himself Sir Thomas Luctator. He established an annual wrestling match in the village for which the prize was a gold-laced hat, and the practice was kept up for nearly a hundred years after his death. The last competition took place in 1811 – and this is what caught my eye. A man named Butler from Hucknall Torkard was the last winner of the prize.

u3a Monthly Meetings
Many of you will be aware that we can no longer meet at the leisure centre. September 8th will be our first live meeting since March 2020 and it will be at the John Godber Centre (JGC). The committee are meeting there on Wednesday 1st September and one our objectives is to finalise the meeting arrangements. Full details will be in the September Newsletter. It will be an opportunity to mingle socially whilst maintaining some level of social distancing, ventilation and hand hygiene.

Maureen Newton has kindly agreed to do an interactive presentation with a local flavour where your questions and contributions will be most welcome.

Finally – there is no formal meeting in August but do zoom in to Melvyn’s arranged talk on Wednesday, 11th August ‘What’s the problem with sugar’.

David Rose

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3rd Age Trust -Push Back Ageism Campaign

Have you or any of your friends and family had to use a walking frame? If so you may have some observations to share about their design and use. How to do that is explained in the following article.

One of the aspects of the Trust’s Push Back Ageism Campaign, working in partnership with the Design Age Institute, is to challenge the designers of products and services which will make life easier for older adults to design products which are appealing and attractive to use, rather than just being based on need.

One initiative within the Design Age Institute is ‘This Age Thing’, which was set up to bring together a community of designers, businesses, service-providers, researchers, policy makers and older adults to celebrate ageing and amplify positive stories about getting older, but also to challenge designers. They are currently gathering information about the design of walking frames and being able to quote from peoples lived experience and real-life situations adds strength to the challenge. Also, as part of that, the Helen Hamlyn Trust has issued a challenge to young designers at the Royal College of Art to design a walking frame that will look good, but also be fit for purpose. Apparently, 87% of falls in the USA are caused by people falling over with their walking frames, which are very similar in design to those, available in the UK.

Do you have a story to tell about walking frames, either their use or their design? Would you be happy for us to use your story? We will, of course, ensure that you remain anonymous; we will never reveal your name or any contact details.

If you have a story that you would be willing to share, please send it to me by 20th August:
Thank you.

Sandi Rickerby
Trustee for the North East
Chair of the Push Back Ageism Working Group

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