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Message from our Chair – June 2021

Hello everyone and welcome. While none of us want to tempt fate, and anticipating that the mutated variants will only have a limited, controllable, effect, most of the news regarding the fight against Covid remains encouraging.

I am therefore pleased to report that the committee is making plans for the summer and the remainder of our 2021/22 year. With the recent relaxation of the rules about meeting in small groups of six indoors and up to 30 outdoors some of our groups have started meeting in person. Members are already walking, cycling and playing Pickleball and the ukulele, all being very careful to keep to current rules and regulations. We always make sure we keep up to date with those.

Coming soon: The reading group is starting up again, in a garden if the weather is nice, and the lunch group is hoping to start up in June. There could soon other activities going on indoors too, if any group does start to meet then please let Siobhan know and tell everyone what you are doing.

Technology has enabled us to do far more indoors during lockdown, many of us have kept in touch using technology, others haven’t wanted to or have been unable to, and some of us have welcomed it, reluctantly at first maybe, but it has enabled some meetings and group activities to continue. Like many organisations, we’re likely to continue with a mix of online and face to face activities. First thoughts are now that it is possible to have informal get-togethers of mini groups of 6 indoors (and as the weather improves) 30 outdoors then interest groups can consider meeting in this way.

We are approaching a time when the government are liable to further relax regulations regarding the use of Halls, Homes, Libraries, Bowling venues and outdoor activities. Wherever our groups are meeting the paramount concern must be the safety of all members from Covid 19. When we consider returning to use our venues it is still important to ensure that we all continue to follow whatever government guidelines are relevant at that time, e.g. numbers, hand washing, hand gel and social spacing.

Finally a thank you from the committee to those members who have offered help and suggestions relating to storing equipment and alternative venues to the leisure centre for the monthly meeting. Especially thanks to: Christine Eagle, Margaret Cook, Jean Cragg, Christine Ashby and Susan Foss

David Rose

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Scams – June 2021

1. National Insurance number ‘compromised’ cold calls.
If you’ve received a pre-recorded message or phone call claiming your National Insurance number has been compromised, you can safely ignore it. It’s a scam.

Phishing emails
Fraudsters appear to be continuing to use the hook of National Insurance numbers as a means to exploit personal information from victims – the scam appears to have now moved to phishing emails:

This email, which was not sent by GOV.UK

2. Cold call ‘crime scam’

We’ve been made aware that an official sounding voice usually claiming to be from the National Crime Agency or ‘National Office for Serious Crimes’ has been cold calling unsuspecting members of the public, asking them to call back urgently. Fraudsters will then try to manipulate you into handing over personal information using a web of lies and threats.

There have been dozens of people targeted by this scam over the past few months. Action Fraud data shows it is the most reported phone scam of this year so far, having received more than 1,000 reports.

One victim reported that when he returned the call he was falsely told that someone had been using his National insurance number (NINo) to claim Universal Credit. The scammer told him that if he didn’t hand over his personal details so they could make a ‘correction’ he would be liable to repay thousands of pounds in fraudulently claimed benefits and could be sent to prison. At this point he realised something wasn’t right and put the phone down, but the scammers continued to try and get in touch with him for more than a week.

The scammers tell the unsuspecting victims to hand over their personal information as they need to be issued with a new NI number. Don’t be pressured for your details. In reality, there’s very little damage anyone could do with just your National Insurance number, even if someone had access to it. But your other personal details, such as your name, date of birth, address and bank details are much more valuable to criminals. They could use this information to target you with more personalised scams, or try to gain access to your accounts. No government organisation would ever pressure you to hand over sensitive information, and if you’re uncomfortable or unsure, just hang up the call.

Finally: Remember, you can visit which offers contact numbers and web chat support if you have concerns regarding your National Insurance number.

David Rose

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Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair May 2021

Hello and welcome. There are eight bank holidays in 2021 and two of them are in May.
Before retirement they were something to look forward to, as for the large majority of us, it meant time off work.

How they came about and why we know them as bank holidays dates back to 1871 when:
Statutory bank holidays were introduced by the 1871 Bank Holiday Act and were days when the Bank of England and banks could close. The Act made provision for no financial dealing to occur on that day and bills or promissory notes that were due on that day were not payable until the following day and did not incur any penalties. Before this time banks were unable to close on weekdays as to do so would have put them at the risk of bankruptcy. But once the act was on the statute books, bank staffs were able to have fixed holidays. The first bank holidays were Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the first Monday in August and Boxing Day, in England, Wales and Ireland.

When you are in the u3a every day is like a holiday….
Provisionally on May 17th the Covid protocols change and groups of six will be allowed inside and groups of thirty outside. This means that we can start to organise some face to face group activities. There will still be some conditions relating to risk assessments, social distancing, hygiene and masks that will need to be followed.

I wish to commend an article by Val Gant suggesting a Hucknall u3a litter picking squad. Val is asking that volunteers get in touch with her, please see further details in the article.

Finally thanks to everyone who voted in the AGM and remember we will need new committee members next time.

David Rose Chairman

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Proposed Hucknall u3a Litter Picking Group

Are you concerned about the environment and the amount of litter in our locality? If so, read on. When we are out cycling and walking no doubt, like us, you notice lots of litter in both urban and rural areas.

Litter collecting in Linby Brook Feb 2021

We do complain and moan to each other about the amount of litter we see but we have now decided that we would like to do something about it.

For this we will need your help – we wish to gather some volunteers from our membership by setting up a Hucknall & District u3a Litter Picking Group.

It is suggested that this could take place one day per week and last for about an hour per session. All equipment such as litter picking sticks, gloves and collecting bags will be provided. We have contacted both Ashfield and Gedling Council and there is an offer of some equipment and all rubbish will then be collected by the council.

Think of the benefits – gentle exercise and fresh air in the company of fellow u3a members whilst making a difference to the environment. If you are interested please contact Val Gant on the form below:-

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Message from the Chair – April 2021

Hello Everyone,

We had a good warm and sunny start to spring in the final days of March and for the next six months the clock in my car is reading the correct time now we have entered British Summer Time (BST) – the time used in the UK from late March to late October, that is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

The early history of BST is interesting. It was first established by the Summer Time Act 1916, after a campaign by builder William Willett. His original proposal was to move the clocks forward by 80 minutes, in 20-minute weekly steps on Sundays in April and by the reverse procedure in September. In 1916, BST began on 21 May and ended on 1 October. Willett never lived to see his idea implemented, having died in early 1915.

April is also the AGM month of our u3a. I would like to move ahead by 12 months to focus on the AGM in April 2022. Currently our constitution states the trustees (main committee members) can serve for a total of 6 years.

In April 2022 five members of the current committee reach that milestone and will vacate their office:

David Rose – Chair
Christine Berrill – Treasurer
Siobhan Lee – Groups Coordinator
Philip Attenborough – Equipment Manager
Barrie Saunders – Support across the committee roles

A u3a cannot function without trustees designated as officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Business Secretary. Before April 2022, Hucknall u3a will need members to step forward and volunteer for committee vacancies especially the officer roles of Treasurer and Vice Chair.

We had a similar situation in April 2016 and for a time it was almost a closure situation. It was thanks to the work and persuasive powers of John Tedstone and his retiring committee that encouraged the retiring members of the current committee to volunteer.

We will need at least five volunteers next April , if you are interested please get in touch with a committee member or myself via the form below:-

David Rose

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