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Message from the Chair

Several Members have recently asked me about the composition of the U3A Committee so I will take this opportunity to explain the composition and roles of the twelve Trustees.

Chairman: Barrie Saunders
Vice Chairmen: Siobhan Lee and Margaret Huckerby.
Business Secretary: Mark Jackson
Minutes Secretary: Sandra Green
Short Course Organiser: David Rose
Treasurer: Christine Berrill
Membership Secretary: Margaret Hodkinson
Speaker’s Secretary: Margaret Huckerby
Interest Groups’ Leader: Siobhan Lee
Equipment Manager: Philip Attenborough
Website Manager: Angela Cornish
Member: Dianne White
Member: Dianne Heenan

Members have recently had their photographs taken and these will be on display at the Monthly Meetings.

Members meet on the first Wednesday of each month and may seek re-election every two years with Officers having to retire after serving a period of six years.

Two members will be leaving the Committee next April – Margaret Huckerby and Marguerite Hodkinson.

This Committee is supported by a Social Committee.


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Message from the Chair

October has been a long month with the changing of the clocks and the resultant long dark nights now with us. Halloween has come and gone and by the time you read this Bonfire night will also have come and gone.

Over the month some of our members, including myself, spent a Saturday at Nottingham University attending a Conference called “Ageing Well”. It proved to be an excellent day organised by the University and the Nottinghamshire U3A. We attended two lectures over the day and also two workshops of our choice on topics such as Sleeping Well, Dementia Friendly Homes and Memory. The day finishing with a leisure activity of our choice. It was excellent to see so many members from Hucknall attending, as there were only a hundred places for all thirty three U3A’s in the County. A special thank you should go to Siobhan Lee who played a major part in organising the day.

I also attended a meeting of the Nottinghamshire U3A’s held in Ravenshead. The major topic discussed here was the plan for each GP surgery to have a person trained to liaise with local organisations like the U3A to help support patients where appropriate.

Finally, may I thank the Interest Group leaders and members who have volunteered to perform at the Showcase in December. Enjoy this months activities

Barrie Saunders

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NHS History – Volunteers required

Oral History Volunteers needed in Leicester/Nottingham/East Midlands

Are you a good listener? Are you interested in people?

You will record stories from people treated by or employed in any part of the NHS over the past 71 years.

We want to create a more diverse and inclusive history of the NHS than currently exists. The NHS was created in 1948 to provide free and universal access to healthcare and is a key institution of post-war British everyday life. The lived experiences of workers, patients, volunteers and the public encapsulate a unique part of UK post-war social and health history. But the histories of many communities of patients and workers are absent from existing work. By making the history of the NHS more diverse and inclusive we will produce a shared national story about the NHS for everyone that can be taken into the future and benefit national and international audiences.

What will you gain?

– Professional oral history training

– Communication and research skills

– An opportunity to meet new people

– An opportunity to play a part in an exciting heritage project and help shape its direction.


– You will need to be available for some time during weekdays, evenings and weekends. Training will take place in Nottingham on Friday 8th and 15th November 2019 and some interviews may be undertaken in evenings and weekends.

– Respect the confidentiality of interviewees and other interviewers.

– Commitment to attending oral history training.

– Undertake a minimum of 10 interviews.

– We will be collecting stories throughout the East Midlands between October 2019 and June 2020.

Help us create a shared history of the NHS. Please contact James McSharry for more information:- e: or visit our website:

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Message from the Chair

The Interest Groups now seem to be back up and running well following the summer months when some groups tend to ease down a little to allow for the holiday season and child care duties!!!

One group which is in danger of folding is the National Trust group as Sue Spolton is leaving the position. On behalf of the Hucknall U3A may I thank Sue for all the hard work that she has put into the group over the years. If anyone would be prepared to take over please contact Sue, Siobhan or myself.

After the last Monthly Meeting I had many people who were so impressed with our Speaker that they wanted to donate towards her work in Kosovo. As a result we will hold a “Bucket” collection at the October meeting.

October sees us entertained by the tallest Town Crier around, standing at over seven feet tall who will be visiting us from Shrewsbury.

May I remind members that December will again see the Monthly Meeting display our own Showcase from various Interest Groups.

Finally, The Committee have been very pleased to see several new groups emerge in recent months but if you would like to start up another group please contact Siobhan who will be delighted to support you.

Enjoy this month’s meetings and activities.

Barrie Saunders

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New U3A in Bulwell

The U3A is coming to Bulwell on Wednesday, October 2nd at 2.00 pm at Bulwell Methodist Church, Ravensworth Road, Bulwell, NG6 8FN.

This is an informal meeting, with tea, coffee and biscuits being served. All Hucknall U3A members will be most welcome to attend along with any non-U3A members.

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