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Litter Picking Group

The Litter Picking Group continues to be kept very busy with at least 19 bags of rubbish collected so far this month across the Hucknall, Linby & Annesley areas.

One slight problem that some of us are having is that when the bags get full they either split underneath or fall out of the hoop holders. With this in mind if any u3a members have got any unwanted shopping trolleys they could donate to the group it would make litter picking a little easier.

If you can help with this request please contact the group leader, Val Gant, via email at

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Appeal for Spare Wool

During the lockdown I have been knitting baby bonnets for the neo-natal unit and was wondering if it would be possible to ask our members if they have any unwanted wool they could let me have when we eventually get back together.

The colours I need are the same as the traffic lights red, orange green. These colours distinguish the stage the babies are at.

Just a thought as many knitters often have small amounts left small amounts of wool would be most appreciated.

I can knit 14 bonnets from 100 grams of wool.

If you can help please contact Wendy on:

0115 9050119 or

Many thanks,
Wendy Dove

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