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Science 2

We reconvene after our August break on Friday, 20th September, 2019.

The programme will include a follow up of our visit to the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry and a presentation on the process and ethics of research into new drugs for clinical use. This will include a case study of one which went wrong.

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Science Groups 1 and 2 Visit to Green Chemistry Centre

Science Visit to the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry Nottingham University July 19th 2019

31 members from Science 1 and 2 had a most interesting visit to a unique building and research centre at the Triumph Road site (more familiar to most as the old Raleigh factory). It is a leading centre for research into Sustainable or Green Chemistry.

Our visit started with an introduction by Dr Nick Bennett, the Senior Project Manager, followed by a guided tour of the building and laboratories. The building is a unique zero carbon emission building, primarily the structure is fire resistant treated wood. Solar energy supplies most of the power and the insulation includes a living grass covered roof.

The concept of sustainable chemistry was explained as an area of chemistry and chemical engineering focused on the designing of products and processes that minimise or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. The other focuses being technological approaches to preventing pollution and reducing consumption of non-renewable resources.

A presentation followed by Professor Steve Howdle (Head of School of
Chemistry) where he cited examples of some current research that include using plant material and waste products from some industrial processes instead of oil and rare resources.

Finally there was time to ask questions together with light refreshments and a last look round.

David Rose

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Lynda Jackson Science 2 – Art meets Science

A working link with Hucknall U3A and Nottingham University Physics Faculty

The Silent Poetry of Paint Drying

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Science Group 2

1. We welcomed Bob McEwen to our May 17th meeting as guest presenter. The theme of Bob’s talk was ‘Satellites’ (Do satellites rule the world?)

It was obvious that he had sussed out his audience who immediately recognised the theme from Telstar and all remembered Sputnik from 1957. He explained that in the context of spaceflight, a satellite is an object that has been intentionally placed into orbit. These objects are called artificial satellites to distinguish them from natural satellites such as Earth’s Moon. Bob also included some ‘hard maths in his talk in order that we better understood some of the high speeds and vast distances involved when a communication satellite orbits the world in 90 minutes.

He concluded that we have come a long way in 60 years, especially so in the last 20 with the technology associated with mobile phones and sat navs.

2. Our link to Nottingham University ’Creative Reactions’ and ‘A Pint of Science’

Through attending some science based events led by post graduate students from Nottingham University we have built a working relationship with them. Creative Reactions or Art meets Science is where an artist works with a scientist to produce art work relating to the scientists field of expertise.

In the group we have talented artist Lynda Jackson who has been working with the Professor of Physics whose field of research is ‘Nanoparticles’. Lynda explained how she approached the subject in a style far removed from her usual approach to art. Her work has been on display in Nottingham and is shown in the photographs. Well done Lynda for building this link and for producing the paintings.

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Science Group 2

At our meeting on the 15th March, Paul Brett and Harry Harve, who are conducting post-graduate research at Nottingham University, both gave presentations on their current work.

Paul is an expert on microorganisms especially the different families of living things which are fungi. He took us through the whole taxonomy of fungi families in a clear, structured, way leading to the group he is currently working on. He surprised many of us as he explained how the research, for example, may lead to a strain of fungi which is more efficient at producing Quorn, a type of protein-rich food made from an edible fungus and used as a meat substitute. As he observed, the made up word Quorn sounds better than grown from a ‘fungus’

Harry followed with a presentation of his current research on soils. He explained what soil is, what it contains and how as a member of the team funded by The Soil Research Council they hope to learn more about maximising crop production in a range of environments.

The April meeting is cancelled as it falls on Good Friday.

The next meeting is 17 May 2019

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