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Science 2 group

We are meeting on Friday 17th September in the Portland Room (the main upstairs hall) at the John Godber Centre. Time: 10am to 11.45am

We will be well spaced out sitting at tables in this big room. If possible please sit in small groups with family members or with friends that you often mix with. Please wear a mask when walking about, entering and leaving – unless you are exempt. The entrance is via the car park through the double doors.

This will be our first indoor meeting and it is a BYO drinks as on this occasion they will not be provided so feel free to bring your drink of choice. You will also need a pen or pencil and something to write on for a small group activity.

We had an interesting outside meeting in July and we are now moving ahead in small steps to our first meeting indoors.

To contact David Rose, the group leader, please use the form below:-

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Science Group 2

On July 16th we had our first non virtual meeting since February 2020. We met at Bestwood Country Park near the Winding Engine House which is the last remaining part of Bestwood Colliery – once one of the busiest coal mines in Nottinghamshire.

The winding engine lowered colliers, pit ponies and equipment into the mine shaft, and winched mined coal up to the surface. The tall brick building houses a huge winding engine. Originally it was powered by steam, the only vertical winding engine left in England still in its original location. Today the massive engine is moved by an electrical motor which we were able to see in action.

The engine dates back to 1876, the heyday of Victorian industrial engineering. For the explanatory tour we split into two groups and had the expertise of Bob Gow and his colleague Malcolm to show us round the impressive building and to provide a potted history of its history and development.

Following the tour we enjoyed refreshments on the lawn outside the Dynamo House which houses a community cafe run by ‘Friends of Bestwood Country Park’ which is open at the same time as the winding house both open to the public on Saturday mornings between 10am and 12noon all year. If you have never been a visit is recommended.

Volunteer Malcolm and part of the vertical steam engine

Thanks to Bob for arranging the visit and to Bob and Malcolm for being our knowledgeable guides.

Next Meeting: At the John Godber Centre Friday, 17th September, 2021 10.00 am to 11.45 am

David Rose

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Science Group 2

In May our topic was Floods and Flooding.

Floods are becoming more frequent in most parts of the world. They have many causes and can be country wide, affect a town or just a local street or area. This example is Thorsby Dale in 2020.

Next month we are meeting via Zoom on Friday, 18th June, 2021 at 10 am for a presentation on ‘The History and Development of Forensic Science’.

David Rose

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Science 2 – April 2021

At the April meeting Ann Murray, assisted by Ian, gave a very interesting presentation about glaciers and icebergs.

We learnt that icebergs:
– Are a floating mass of freshwater ice that has broken from the seaward end of either a glacier or an ice shelf.

– About 90% of the total volume of the iceberg is under water always.

– The density of the iceberg is about 10% lower than the density of sea water, so 1/9 of it stays on the surface until it melts.

– There are different types of iceberg classified by size and shapes.

Ann included some photographs of glaciers taken when they visited the Rockies and explained how they are important indicators of global warming and climate change in several ways. Melting ice sheets contribute to rising sea levels and as ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland melt, they raise the level of the ocean affecting plant and animal life.

In May we meet on Friday 21st at 10.00 am via Zoom and I will be looking at aspects of flooding, its impact on the environment and the science and technology contributing to flood control.

David Rose

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Science 2 – 19th March 2021

For our March meeting we welcomed three guest speakers associated with the well established Sherwood Observatory. Last month they were guests at the Science 1 session and it’s thanks to Jim and the group for suggesting that we should contact Steve Wallace who is the project manager at the Observatory. Steve presented the first half of the meeting.

The focus of Steve’s talk was about the chances of life on other planets /moons in our solar system and beyond into deeper space. For life water is an essential ingredient so only places with water have the potential to support life. Much of our expanding universe is too hot or too cold to hold liquid water.
Those life forms would be pretty basic microscopic life which needs billions of years to evolve into complex living things. Basically those green aliens are a figment of our imagination.

The second part of the session was led by two students from Nottingham Trent University, Blaine and James, who introduced us to the project to develop a visitor centre and planetarium on the current site. Part of the process was to ask the group for ideas about what the site could offer to help make it an exciting venue for families and visitors of all ages.

It was followed up by a questionnaire which was completed on an individual basis.

Next Month: Friday 16th April at 10.00 am. Ann Murray has kindly volunteered to lead the session on the theme ‘Glaciers and Icebergs’.

David Rose

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