Message from our Chair

Greetings to you all.  What mixed weather we have had in January, three named storms, the coldest weather, the hottest weather and the wettest weather on record, still, it gives us something to discuss and moan about, something we are all very good at, complaining about the weather.

Last month, I reminded you all about Notts CC consultation on removing the free tram concessions. I have had a couple of responses from our erstwhile councillors, one from an opposition councillor stating that he and his colleagues were arguing strongly against it and one from a member of the governing party saying, don’t worry, if they do get rid of it, then it will transfer to the new regional Mayor’s office when and if it happens. I think we will have to wait and see and hope for a good outcome. Thanks to all of you for taking part in the consultation.

Sorry that those of you at the rear of the building struggled to read the writing on the screen of our speaker at our last meeting, I thought the same as quite a few folks that, whilst the talk was good, it was a bit highbrow, concentrating on word origins, rather than the actual history of Nottinghamshire. John Godber Centre are looking into obtaining a large pull down screen, which would solve a lot of our problems.

Our Social Sub Committee have worked hard to sort out this year’s activities, please see their details on this website and reserve the dates, some great activities planned.

Our next meeting coincides with St Valentine’s Day, he was a 3rd century Roman saint, a priest in the Roman Empire who ministered to persecuted Christians.  He was martyred by being beheaded and his body buried on February 14th. He was made a saint for curing a child with epilepsy and is the patron saint of epilepsy, beekeepers and of course ‘courtly love’ which has been celebrated since the 8th century (thank you Wikipedia).

I may well be asking who has received a valentines card, to see if the ‘courtly love’ is still strong amongst us older ones. So make sure you make an effort to buy your valentine a card.

Did anyone make a New Year’s resolution, and has anyone managed to keep it. I have, mine was not to make a resolution! I also decided that out of concern for publicans I would not take part in Dry January, I found that quite satisfying.

God Bless

Melvyn Francis

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