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Murder Mystery Xmas 2020

Not to be deterred from holding our annual Christmas murder mystery party, the Wine Appreciation group took to Zoom to solve the mystery of the death of Matt Finish, the well known interior designer.

In a theme that blended characterisations of the likes of Arthur Daly, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Mary Whitehouse, Alan Titchmarsh & Charlie Dimmock the group set about to solve the case. Officer Dibble was unable to remotely ‘cuff the suspects and failed to guess the murderer but the powerful deductive powers of others in the group meant justice prevailed.

Not quite the same as meeting up in person but everyone went the extra mile to make it a memorable evening.

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Wine Appreciation Group

Following on from last year’s exploration of French wines at Chateaux Geer, eight members of the Wine Appreciation Group travelled to Casa Haigh in Spain. Our hosts guided us through the various Spanish grape varieties and arranged for a visit to a vineyard at Bodega Xalo where a tour of the wine making activities of the local farmers’ co-operative was followed by a wine tasting. Tapas, paella and wall to wall sunshine ensured the Group had a most enjoyable week whilst continuing their research into wine related matters. Muchas gracias to Paul and Steph.

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Wine Group – Road Trip to France

Ten intrepid souls braved the delays at Eurotunnel and ventured into foreign lands to further their education in wine related matters.

The Group travelled to Chateau Geer, in Western Brittany, where their hosts, Mick and Margaret, made them very welcome and arranged a culturally immersive experience, including dining in a local restaurant and a wine-tasting event with their French neighbours.

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