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Notes from the Committee

The committee held its first face to face meeting since March 2020 at the John Godber Centre, 10am to 12.30pm on Wednesday, 4th August, 2021. All committee members were present.

The minutes of the July meeting were accepted.

Siobhan initiated a discussion about Interest Group Boards and the outcome is that if Group Leaders still want them they can collect from Siobhan. Sadly the Guitar group has closed but a new Litter Picking Volunteer Group is starting soon. Plans were discussed for our contribution to the JGC Open Day on 22nd August.

Diane has booked speakers for the October and November meetings – details in the September Newsletter.

The social committee are organising a Quiz Night on Friday October 1st and a new style of Christmas Social on Monday December 6th. There is no monthly meeting in December.

Angela is keeping the website (www.Hucknall& )up to date and together with Diane Heenan is maintaining content on our Hucknall u3a Facebook page ( please have a look and it helps if you ‘like’ the facebook page.

Treasurer Christine had previously circulated the monthly accounts which showed little change from last month.

Philip was able to check with JGC the location for our metal storage cabinet which will be moved before the end of August.

Melvyn had recently attended a seminar on a national u3a ‘click and save’ scheme. After some discussion it was deemed to be rather complex to set up and administer for little reward.
He reminded us of the talk next week on ‘The problems with sugar’.

Greg reported 17 prospective members and he is to arrange an induction day for them soon.

Mark is making an application for an Open Day Grant currently available from the u3a and he agreed to set up a communication for members to respond to, this will indicate if they intend coming to the September monthly meeting on the 8th and the Quiz night on October 1st.

We then had a look around the facilities which will be available to us when we hold the monthly meetings. Manager Kim was kindly available to answer questions and to listen to our suggestions.

It was agreed that this month would be the final month for hand delivery and postage of printed newsletters for non email members and the articles for the newsletter from September should conform to the norm of 200 words and one photograph.

The next committee meeting is on September 1st in the Coates room at JGC 10am to 12noon.

David Rose,

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Notes from the Committee

The committee met via Zoom on Wednesday 7th April 2021 from 10am to 11.38am

Apologies were received from Sandra Green

The minutes of the March meeting were agreed.

Siobhan recently took part in a Notts Network Group Coordinators meeting where issues and ideas relating to groups restarting face to face were discussed.

Dianne reported that meeting speakers are arranged until June and that July and August are being finalised.

Angela has also attended a Notts Network meeting with a focus on using social media platforms to publicise and highlight membership of the u3a. She also reported 3450 ‘hits’ on our website.

Treasurer Christine explained the previously circulated balance sheets which showed little change from March. She also confirmed that our annual accounts scrutiniser Geoff Cree had completed his report for Jan to Dec 2020 ready for the AGM. Our thanks once more are extended to Geoff.

Phil the Equipment Manager confirms the ‘writing off’ of the old laser printer on the basis of maintenance costs and we thank Sue Spolton for looking after it and for her printing over a period of approx 8 years.

We have a concern about equipment storage at Hucknall Leisure Centre due to their refurbishment.
This is being followed up.

Vice Chair Melvyn has arranged the final film in the John Wayne trilogy for Tuesday 20th April and is pursuing what will initially be an online driving course for members.

Greg confirmed 441 full membership renewals and he will now contact all affiliated members to confirm their status.

Mark as Business Secretary outlined 2 possible options for a modification to our constitution to allow Zoom type and hybrid (e.g. Zoom plus a physical meeting) to officially take place.
We agreed an amendment which will be put to the membership at the forthcoming AGM

National u3a day is designated for June 2nd. It is proposed that we do not arrange any face to face event but publicise Hucknall u3a through the local press and social media.

The latest Covid and risk assessments advice from the u3a was discussed as were the results of the recent survey. These will be circulated to the membership.

Meeting closed at 11.38am.

David Rose, Chairman

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March Committee Meeting

Notes from the March Zoom Committee Meeting

The committee met on Wednesday March 3rd from 10am to 11.10am

Apologies were received from Sandra Green

The minutes of the February meeting were agreed as a true record.

Siobhan confirmed that several groups were still continuing to meet via the Zoom platform or are keeping in touch via phone and emails.

Speaker Secretaries Dianne and Diane have arranged Zoom speakers up to June and will consider suitable options for the July and August meetings.

Webmaster Angela reported 4274 ‘hits’ on the Hucknall u3a website and she will be attending a tutorial on Social Media Communication organised at national level on March 16th.

Treasurer Christine commented on the monthly accounts which had been circulated in advance of the meeting. They show little change apart from the payments for membership.

Vice Chair Melvyn gave some feedback from the short course film show in February and that the next one is on Tuesday March 23rd details are in the Newsletter. A driving course has been offered but that will be arranged when we can meet in person in groups sometime in the future.

Greg our Membership Secretary gave an update on renewals and to date the number is a healthy 426 members with a few more still trickling in. Subscriptions to the TAM magazine are 67.

Mark our Business Secretary has had prolonged correspondence with Sam Mauger the Chief Executive of the u3a in relation to the proposed changes to u3a Constitutions to accommodate electronic Zoom type AGMs. We agreed that we do not need to change ours yet but will await the publication of a revised national model. Our AGM in April will be the same format as last year.

Finally I commented on the plethora of email communication being sent out from the national u3a offices many of which are suggesting ways to maintain membership. As a group we think our renewal rate, which is above the average rate, is very encouraging and we optimistically look forward to meeting you all later this year.

David Rose

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Notes from the Committee

The meeting was held via Zoom on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 10.00 am

1. Apologies were received from Sandra Green and Philip Attenborough.

2. The minutes from the January meeting were agreed.

3. Groups coordinator, Siobhan, reported a new approach for Craft Group 1 who now have a dedicated Facebook page which they use to share ideas.

4. Feedback from members after the January monthly meeting First Aid talk was very positive and the committee were pleased with both the attendance and the quality of the practical presentation.

5. Speaker secretaries, Dianne and Diane, have planned for the February, March and May meetings with April still to be confirmed.

6. The Social Sub Committee have three events planned for 2022 in April, June and September. They meet again on the 4th February to consider ideas for later this year.

7. Webmaster, Angela, welcomes articles for the website which had 3000 ’hits’ in January. She also reminded us of the Hucknall u3a Facebook page which directs viewers to our website. Please look and like.

8. Christine’s treasurer’s accounts for this month show very little change in our finances and currently with the demise of a Barclays branch in Hucknall she is able to use their arrangement with the Post Office to carryout transactions.

9. Melvyn (Vice Chair) reports a new monthly film series starting on the 23rd February, 2021.

10.Greg gave an update on membership renewals currently standing at 305 but increasing daily. A reminder will be sent later this week.

11.Mark, as Business Secretary, summarised the recent Notts Network meeting and that (in common with most charitable organisations) our proposed constitution change to formally allow electronic meetings will be an item at the AGM.

The meeting closed at 11.15 am.

The next Meeting will be held on Wednesday 3rd March,2021 at 10.00 am

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Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair – December 2020
We now know that Nottinghamshire, in common with large areas of the country, is in Tier 3. The danger posed by the Covid-19 virus will be here for some time yet. Much is being made of a Vaccine coming to the rescue. We have many vaccines that prevent diseases such as polio, mumps, rabies, cholera, typhoid, tetanus and many others.

The fact that smallpox is the only infectious disease that has been eliminated shows how hard it is to defeat microbes but vaccines have prolonged the lives of millions of people. The signs that safe and effective vaccines for Sars-Cov-2 may soon be with us is good news. However there is some way to go yet as full data sets, independent verification and further trials have still to be completed. Still we look to 2021 with a degree of optimism.

It is apparent that older people are more seriously affected by Covid and member Alan Ratcliffe writes about how his recent experience of becoming infected was dealt with by the NHS. Please read it (under the ‘Announcements’ heading on this website) and we thank Alan for sharing his experience.

Now for something completely different:

***Christmas Spectacular*** Party
All members are invited to the Hucknall and District u3a Christmas Spectacular Party on Zoom at 2.00pm on Wednesday, 9th December 2020. (See the poster on this website under the ‘Events’ heading).

You will be able to join the party by clicking on the email link to be sent out to all members on Monday 7th, with a reminder on the day. – Just click on the link between 1.50pm and 2:00pm on Wednesday 9th.

Audience participation is not required and you will not be called upon to perform. We have our host with the biggest Bumper Book of Jokes: Mr Terry Hill and at no great expense, in fact no expense, the Rockin Rev with a comical tale and the Rockin Rev duo with a finale seasonal song. There will be a Christmas themed fun quiz with a 1st prize of a virtual weekend in Paris….

So get out your Santa hat, Christmas socks and jumper and feel free to get into the party spirit with whatever drinks or snacks you fancy. The Social Subcommittee look forward to seeing you there.

David Rose, Chairman

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