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Notes from Committee Meeting

John Godber Centre – 1st June, 2022.

Apologies for absence received from Gary and Tina Holmes, Lynda Smeathers, Dianne Heenan, Angela Cornish and Christine Eagle.

The minutes of the May meeting were agreed and signed.

Notts Network 40th Anniversary Flash Mob on Nottingham Market Square was discussed again, at present we have 5 or 6 people interested

Ravenshead Community Transport is still operating and it was agreed that we would renew our affiliation fee to enable groups to use at a discounted rate.

Sue, our Groups Co-ordinator has been in contact with all group leaders, however, some groups are still showing incorrect information on ‘Beacon’.

The group leaders are to hold a get-together meeting at the John Godber Centre on 22nd July, they have also been asked to speak for a few minutes at our monthly meeting to explain about their group.

Speakers have been arranged for all months up to November. Our Lady speaker in June will be Farmer Barnes, who will be bringing some Stilton cheese to purchase.

The Pie, Peas & Gravy Film Night on Fri 24th June is all sorted by our Social Sub Committee, a few tickets still available.

Tickets for our next social event, on Saturday 17th September, being a Hog Roast with entertainment by “Footloose” will be on sale shortly.

Latest Treasurers Report was tabled and discussed; the bank mandate transfer is still being sorted by the bank.

Our Equipment Manager has compiled a list of all known equipment and where it is currently stored, this is most welcome.

Tina is sorting a future First Aid Workshop. The Defibrillator demonstration is still on hold pending the JGC purchasing the defibrillator, delayed due to the recent flooding and repair.

The Rotary Club organised activity in Hucknall Market went quite well, some interest shown and one definite new member. Hopefully we will be on Titchfield Park with our stall and display on June 18th, any volunteers welcome.

Members update shows a total of 477 members, being 437 full, 19 associated & 21 affiliated, it was discussed and agreed that affiliated members should not attend our monthly meetings but their own u3a meetings.

Meeting closed 11.50am

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AGM – Chairman’s Report 2022

Usually this report covers the previous year but I want to go back to pay a short visit to 2020. In February 2020 the new virus was slowly creeping up upon an unsuspecting world. Its effect at that early stage was speculative. However it soon settled in and had a considerable impact on u3a meetings. Our 2020 AGM was postponed and Barrie remained in post as Chairman until our virtual AGM in August 2020.

During that time he dealt with reams of information being sent to us by the government and the National u3a. Thanks from all of us for agreeing to do that Barrie, and thanks also to those committee members who, like me, retire today after six years on the committee, the maximum allowed by our constitution.

Like many other organisations we soon discovered Zoom and managed to carry on with committee meetings and eventually some Interest Group meetings and the main monthly meeting. Not ideal but we kept things going during the different stages of lockdown.

Once lockdown rules were eased as the virus took a summer break, our outdoor groups were able to restart and several members took advantage of being able to meet together in their own gardens, public spaces or favourite outdoor cafes demonstrating the true spirit of Hucknall and District u3a.

By September 2021 all groups had started activities once again. Theatre visits, lunch groups, the National Trust, History and Gardening visits are all back on the agenda and more recently short break holidays organised by Rose and Caroline.

Having missed the planned social events the social subcommittee were very keen to organise a Christmas 2021 event which had to be different from the usual Christmas lunch with almost 200 people in this hall. Ideas were shared, cakes, sausage rolls from different suppliers were sampled and we ended up with the Christmas Individual buffet for about 110 members. The feedback from this was very positive and it could be the template for future Christmas social events.

I now want to highlight other successes from this year:

-Membership has been maintained and we have attracted 51 new members since September 2021.
-Greg and Mark have streamlined the membership renewal and payment process.
-Christine has worked hard to overcome the local bank closures and progressed to online banking.
-We have managed the enforced move from the leisure centre to this lovely hall.
-The litter picking group was formed and attracted funding from Veolia and the Ashfield Community Fund
-We supported the wreath and Christmas tree festival and made a donation to the food bank
-And your generous contributions to the defibrillator and Ukraine support. I wish to thank all the membership, group leaders, group leader helpers, the main and social subcommittee members for keeping our u3a moving forward.

Thanks to Steve Lawrence for continuing as the Newsletter editor, to Geoff Cree as retiring Examiner of Accounts and to the John Godber Centre and staff for being so helpful and accommodating. ..and where would we be without John Berrill and his catering volunteers providing tea and coffee and Greg’s signing in team at every monthly meeting.

Finally u3as are run by volunteers and we have six of our members willing to stay on the committee and six volunteer members offering to join the committee to replace the six retirees. Committee members become Trustees of the u3a which is a registered charity:

“Charity trustees are responsible for controlling the management and administration of a charity. They should work together as a team and have collective responsibility for their charity” – (Charity Commission)

Trustees must always act in the best interests of our u3a, strive to uphold its reputation and never do anything which could bring it or the u3a movement into disrepute. In practice our committee members take a role on the committee and become responsible for the maintenance and development of Hucknall and District u3a. On our behalf these volunteers for election and re-election are willing to take on that responsibility and I commend them for your vote in the election.

David Rose

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Committee Meeting Notes

John Godber Centre at 10.00 am on Wednesday, 6th April, 2022

Apologies for absence were received from Angela Cornish and Greg Umney who had both submitted written reports.

The minutes of the March meeting were agreed and signed.

Siobhan has been updating the group membership lists and reports a new group Table Tennis is starting on Wed 20th pm. The Long Walks group needs a new group leader following the stepping down of Terry Hill after 13 glorious years of leading this group

The speaker following the AGM at 3pm on April 13th is Bryan Gladstone with ‘My Mum was a GI Bride’

A short discussion about the high incidence of Covid amongst members was discussed and a reminder to members is in the meeting information.

The minutes of the Social Subcommittee had been previously circulated and the remaining few tickets for the concert on April 23rd will be on sale at the monthly meeting.

Angela continues to add items to our webpage and on Facebook – have a look.

Christine had circulated the monthly accounts prior to the meeting and gave out copies of the examination of accounts for the year ended 31st December 2021. These were once again prepared by retiring examiner Geoff Cree who is thanked for his many years of doing this.

Melvyn is currently pursuing one off short courses around financial planning in retirement/inheritance and basic Emergency (First) Aid plus specialist CPR/Defibrillator

We all felt that the new members meeting on 2nd March was worthwhile and useful. Greg submitted a report stating 164 members attended the March meeting and 10 left after the break. Current membership is: 439 Full, 19 Associate and 23 Affiliated members. 44 previous members are now lapsed. Group Leaders are encouraged to check their records to remove all lapsed members from their lists.

Mark outlined the procedure for the AGM next week which will start at 2pm.

Finally we discussed our involvement in two community events organised by the Rotary Club on May 21st and Ashfield District Council to celebrate Hucknall Titchfield Park’s Centenary on 18th June.

The meeting closed at 11.50am

Next meeting is on Wednesday, May 11th at 10.00 am at the John Godber Centre. This will be the first meeting of the 2022 to 2024 committee.

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Notes from the Committee

The committee met on Wednesday 2nd March, 2022, at 10.00am
There were no apologies for absence, all 12 members were present.
The February minutes were agreed with no matters arising.
Siobhan gave a brief update on the groups and confirmed that the new Flower Arranging Group had held their first meeting.
A group leaders’ lunch was held on Monday 28th February, 2022, and they agreed that it was good to get back together after basically a two year gap.
Dianne White and Diane Heenan have been actively seeking quality speakers for the monthly meetings. Confirmation for May onwards are to be confirmed.
The social subcommittee will be selling the few remaining tickets for the Bestwood Male Voice Choir Concert on Saturday 23rd April at the March monthly meeting.
Angela reported that after the upgrade the website is working well and we all encourage members to access it for the updates and the latest information that she posts on it.
Treasurer Christine had circulated the monthly accounts in advance of the meeting and has forwarded the annual summary to Geoff Cree our current annual accounts examiner.
Melvyn is following up possible options for some short course ‘one off’ events to be offered soon.
It is the season of annual membership renewals and Greg has received 411 renewals to date and a final reminder is being sent this weekend.
Mark has produced the Notice of the Annual General Meeting which was discussed and the procedure on the day was agreed. This notice will be received by all current members, together with the newsletter this weekend.
The recent John Godber Centre open day- a report is on this website under the heading ‘Message from the Chair’. It was agreed that attendance at one monthly meeting will be allowed for prospective, but as yet not paid up, new members.
Some members have expressed a wish to help the people of Ukraine and the committee are in full agreement.
Information will be sent out today and a voluntary ‘bucket collection’ will be held at the monthly meeting on March 9th. The proceeds of this will be donated directly to the Red Cross.
The meeting closed at 11.57am
It was followed by a meeting for new members. This was organised by Greg who welcomed them to the meeting. They were told about what was available at Hucknall u3a and given information about the Interest Groups from members of the committee, many of whom are also group leaders. It was good to see the new members.

David Rose

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Notes from the Committee

The Committee met via Zoom on Wednesday January 5th, 2022 at 10.00 am.
Apologies for absence were received from Sandra Green
Gary and Tina Holmes attended as observers.
The minutes of the December meeting were agreed as a true record.
Siobhan the Groups Coordinator said most of the groups were meeting regularly and a new group ‘Flower Arranging’ had been set up to start on February 7th. Further details are in this newsletter and on the Hucknall u3a website.
The December events were reviewed: The successful Christmas Lunch organised by the Social Subcommittee received positive feedback from members and the Christmas film was enjoyed by 61 members.
Angela relayed information from our website hosts that an update was required and we agreed that she should go ahead with this.
Christine led us through the previously circulated financial summaries for the month ending 31st December and clarified by responding to questions from the committee.
Melvyn is planning a short course event around financial planning for the older generation.
Greg updated on membership and is planning to produce the renewal forms to go out to the membership this month.
Mark has prepared the nomination forms for prospective committee members ready for the AGM in April.
Finally with the background of increasing Covid cases there was a discussion about meetings in January and a review of the current risk assessment.
The advice from the u3a Trust is:
The starting point for all advice to u3as is that at all times you must follow the advice given by the government. In addition you must ensure that a risk assessment is undertaken before commencing any u3a group activity.
They add: that Interest Group meetings are at the discretion of the group leader and group members.
It was agreed to amend our policy to include the wearing of masks at all times (apart from eating or drinking) during inside meetings this month when it will be reviewed again.
By a majority vote it was agreed that the monthly meeting will go ahead as planned on January 12th, 2022 and that group meetings to continue at the discretion of the group leader and group members.
The meeting closed at 11.05 am

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