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2018 has been a tough year for the choir. Our Musical Director suffered a stroke and was absent for some time. With difficulty, Margaret, our accompanist, generously took both roles, and soldiered on with us. Our founder and co-ordinator of eight years felt unable to continue, and numbers generally have been down, due to ill health or injuries. Thank you for setting us on our way, Doreen, and we hope things soon pick up for you and for everyone.

Nonetheless, we have performed five concerts in the last few weeks, which we’ve enjoyed, and for which we’ve received some very nice compliments and thanks. We’re pleased Christine is well and back with us and I’d like to thank both her and Margaret for all their efforts and patience this year. We should welcome more members, and with a new programme of songs planned for the new year, this would be a good time to join us.

We begin 2019 with our first meeting on the third Wednesday of January, members please note the time and date, 11.30 am on the 16th January, 2019.

Merry Christmas Everyone!”

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Music for Pleasure

The Music for Pleasure group met once again following a short suspension over the summer period. John Peters once again hosted an evening of music and entertaining discussion, with the usual break for refreshments during the evening.

John had chosen music from the 60’s for our entertainment, including songs from a variety of artists from the decade, followed by the Carpenters, whose songs, plus the unique voice of Karen Carpenter, still remain popular today. Then there were some more iconic sounds from Simon and Garfunkle.

We then proceeded to make arrangements for our group Christmas meal, which we will hold at the Nabb Inn. It’s good to know that John will be able to join us this year after being unable to do so last Christmas.

For our next meeting on 30th October it was suggested that we listen to some brass band music, which should prove a lively evening and a nice change from the Christmas carols which will no doubt have started playing in all the shops!

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Real Ale Group

This new group had its inaugural meeting (with about 16 members taking part) in September at The Beer Shack in Hucknall to discuss the groups activities and ‘rules’, it was decided after sampling the excellent beer provided that we would limit the group to approx 20 members (currently at 21).

Our first outing was to be the Wetherspoon’s Beer Festival and 16 of us turned up, along with two new members, at 7.00 pm on Weds 10th October at The Pilgrims Oak in Hucknall to sample the 17 beers and 5 ciders on offer, most at only £2.15p a pint, served in thirds, halves or pint measures. It must be pointed out that although a good attempt was made, no one managed to sample all on offer. A very good evening.

Our next outing was to the Nottingham Robin Hood Real Ale and Cider Festival to be held at Motorola in Nottingham, on Weds 17th October. Most of us met at the tram station at 4.00pm and entered the event at 5.00pm.

Over 1000 beers on offer, plus many ciders and for the first time a Gin stall. A much bigger event than the Wetherspoons festival with many weird and wonderful beers on offer. We sampled a distinctive green beer, but decided it wasn’t for us. Again an excellent evening as the attached photos show.

Our next outing is to be on Tues 27th November being a tour around the Castle Rock Brewery, with beer tasting and a meal after. In December we will be sampling the ales in our local hostelries in Hucknall and in January those about Canning Circus.

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History Group

Wasn’t the October meeting superb? Great fun. How much we all enjoyed John Ellis telling us about ‘Then and Now’. I wonder which items you thought were most changed.

November 21st is listed as a members’ afternoon for ‘Show & Tell’. Bring something from the past, maybe connected with your own family and tell us all about what it means to you. Many apologies in advance since I will be at the Christmas Show at Thursford with my family but I know you will all support the usual helpers as much as you can. I expect brilliant reports on my return.

There is no meeting in December – too near Christmas.

For the January meeting I have booked Denis Hill to come and tell us about the History of Ashfield. I am sure a lot of you already know Denis who used to work at Ashfield District Council and is a fantastic historian.

Please don’t forget we need to organise meetings and visits for next year. Check on the lists for meetings next year and mark up your favourite places to visit so I can get buses ordered and bookings started.

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Creative Writing Group

We meet from 1-3.00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Our venue is the Liberal Club on West Street. Members are given a title, sentence or just a word to inspire us to write a piece of around 500 words which we develop at home and then read out to fellow members at the next meeting, for constructive criticism and appraisal. After a short tea-break we then do a ten minute writing exercise or something similar.

Our “homework” which we discussed at the October meeting was “pick a proverb of your own choice and write about it”. We also had a brief attempt at “Found Poetry” Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources such as information leaflets, newspapers, magazines, books etc and reframing them as poetry (a literary equivalent of a collage by making changes in spacing and lines, or by adding or deleting text, thus imparting new meaning).

New members are very welcome to join us on Group sessions, just bring pen and paper! The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 27th November.

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