Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair May 2021

Hello and welcome. There are eight bank holidays in 2021 and two of them are in May.
Before retirement they were something to look forward to, as for the large majority of us, it meant time off work.

How they came about and why we know them as bank holidays dates back to 1871 when:
Statutory bank holidays were introduced by the 1871 Bank Holiday Act and were days when the Bank of England and banks could close. The Act made provision for no financial dealing to occur on that day and bills or promissory notes that were due on that day were not payable until the following day and did not incur any penalties. Before this time banks were unable to close on weekdays as to do so would have put them at the risk of bankruptcy. But once the act was on the statute books, bank staffs were able to have fixed holidays. The first bank holidays were Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the first Monday in August and Boxing Day, in England, Wales and Ireland.

When you are in the u3a every day is like a holiday….
Provisionally on May 17th the Covid protocols change and groups of six will be allowed inside and groups of thirty outside. This means that we can start to organise some face to face group activities. There will still be some conditions relating to risk assessments, social distancing, hygiene and masks that will need to be followed.

I wish to commend an article by Val Gant suggesting a Hucknall u3a litter picking squad. Val is asking that volunteers get in touch with her, please see further details in the article.

Finally thanks to everyone who voted in the AGM and remember we will need new committee members next time.

David Rose Chairman

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National Trust Update

Having read the following data in the newspaper today, the last day of April, then the Covid-19 situation seems to be improving rapidly.

‘The numbers falling ill with the Covid have dropped to the lowest level since the pandemic began. The number of over 80’s with infections is now at a record low’.

I could go on with many other statistics but the main point is that hopefully the roadmap will continue to progress and eventually clear us to resume many aspects of our lives. Hopefully National Trust properties will be more fully opened over May and June. All good news.

As I said last month, the vital factor for our group will be rules on social distancing on transport. Those of you who have ventured on to a bus or tram recently will know the problems present there. I hope that by the time of the next Newsletter then this situation will be clearer. I have received an email on behalf of two members who are so keen to resume that they are willing to pay twenty pounds each for the Fountains Abbey visit so that we could socially distance on two buses should this be the only thing stopping us going ahead.

If any other members have views on this please let me know by contacting us via the form below. This will allow us to gauge opinion should we reach this situation.

Barrie and Sue Saunders

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Pub Quiz

April Pub Quiz – Cryptic Animals Answers

1. Result of a sore throat – Horse
2. A bit of a wrench – Monkey
3. Monty’s soldier Desert – Rat
4. Not colder, I think I hear? – Otter
5. These were filmed in the mist? – Gorilla
6. Hard to hit the ball without one of these? – Bat
7. Tony used to think Frosties where grrrrrreat? – Tiger
8. When their tails up, they can cause quite a stink? – Skunk
9. Troy Tempest used to command one of these? – Stingray
10. Naked – Bear
11. Used to lock up the Urine? – Kiwi
12. A dance where you need to follow? – Conger (eel)
13. A shy fish? – Koi Carp
14. This bird used to be great for Guinness? – Toucan
15. A Roman soldier would die for this standard? – Eagle
16. Not the most sensible thing to put down your trousers? – Ferret
17. Pulled? – Toad
18. Take the red out of this misleading clue – Herring
19. Boy George thought this animal really had Karma! – Chameleon
20. Simples! – Meerkat

And another cryptic clue quiz for May on Flowers & Herbs

1. This flower is one in the eye for the girl?
2. Got Up?
3. Please remember me?
4. Fashionable feline?
5. Cunning animals hand warmer?
6. Bovine Error?
7. Wed Precious Metal?
8. Spring Month?
9. Sad Ringer?
10. Vehicle State?
11. Duration?
12. Bill sounds like a nice fellow?
13. Industrious Queen?
14. Receptacle for dairy product?
15. Used in thickening sauces?
16. Mrs Bucket’s first name?
17. Enclosure in criminal court for prisoner?
18. A nice pad on a lake?
19. A Vicious Welsh emblem?
20. A wise old herb?

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Reading Group

We are hoping to have a Reading Group meet up in Margaret White’s garden in June. Unfortunately at this moment Hucknall Library is still not open so it has been difficult to return books etc but they have automatically renewed all books until 1st July and I understand that they have a Click & Collect service if you log on to the Inspire website. Also I believe you can return books to any library so if you happen to be passing another one in Nottingham, give it a try.

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Weekenders Group

The May Newsletter will be sent out after 1st May. Once again, many thanks to Margaret Whilde for printing off copies for those members not on email and for delivering them on her morning walk. We plan for garden meet ups after the end of May and also optimistically our birthday lunches, an outing and a Christmas lunch – more details later.

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