Committee Corner

The Executive Committee met via Zoom on July 1st

Siobhan Lee had nothing to report due to the present closure. Some Group Leaders had been keeping in touch with their members including Sandra Green and Barbara Ives. Barbara had been updating her group regarding show cancellations and rearranged dates where known.

All the Speaker’s booked for the monthly meetings had been cancelled up to and including the October meeting.

The Social Committee had cancelled all planned events up to the end of the year.

Christine Berrill, our Treasurer, reported that it had obviously been a very quiet month. A mailing would go out in the near future to Group leaders to show their present balances.

The new Membership Secretary reported on his recent hand over meeting with the outgoing Secretary.

Details of the forthcoming AGM were outlined by Mark Jackson, the Business Secretary. Details would go out with the July Newsletter.

A general discussion took place on future finances. This would be discussed more fully at the Budget meeting to be held later in the year.

Barrie Saunders

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A quiet month, without news of choir members, but no news is good news. I assume all our members are fit and well, enjoying their usual health. After all the lovely weather we’ve had, and I hope you’ve been making the most of it, I am writing this on a very dull day, so at least we are getting variety in the weather. More freedom, if you feel it’s appropriate to take it, the beaches should be quiet today, but personally I am biding my time to see how things go.

Last month our choir member, Margaret, proved she was familiar with the music of her youth, she was the only member to recognize all four of the songs from the words of the first line. Well done again, Margaret, you are rapidly becoming the one to beat. If anyone else wants a ‘go’, the lyrics were,

1) My tears are falling ‘cos you’ve taken her away…….
2) I’m a gonna raise a fuss, I’m a gonna raise a holler….
3) When you see a gentleman bee round a lady bee buzzin’….
4) I’d like to thank the guy who wrote the song that made my baby fall in love with me….

And here’s a joke I thought they may enjoy, and perhaps you too, I love it..

‘I was visiting my daughter last night, when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.
“This is the twenty-first century”, she said, “we don’t waste money on newspapers. Here, use my iPad.”

I can tell you this, ……..that fly never knew what hit him!’

Take care, stay well, and cheerful.

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History Group

The History Group always welcomes all U3A members. Our indoor meetings are held at Central Methodist Church on the 3rd Wednesday of the month commencing at 2.00 pm. Money paid for the trip to Richard III will be safe in the U3A bank until we can re-arrange later on. We are starting fresh in September (X fingers). Watch this space! I look forward to seeing everyone but in the meantime please take care and stay safe.


The email was a complete surprise from a man called Jim Whitworth. He had found me via Herbert Buzzard court; the manager had kindly passed my address onwards. Years ago his parents had bought a needlework ‘tapestry’ done by Herbert Buzzard from a shop in Chester and would like to give it back to the family, if possible, or Hucknall if not. Could I help? Of course I could! I remembered Kay Burton had given a talk to History Group members about her grandfather Herbert Buzzard and contacted her. Kay was delighted because after messages back and forth from myself and Kay it seems the work will eventually come ‘home’ to Hucknall. When it does she is going to bring it to show members. A short summary of Herbert’s life follows.

Charles Herbert Buzzard was born in 1889. He served as a private in the 1st battalion Lancashire Fusiliers from 1914 – 1918 and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery. “Charles Buzzard of Victoria Street, Hucknall, rescued a badly wounded comrade despite the fact that two men had been killed in previous attempts. For this and earlier single-handed capture of six Germans he was decorated for bravery in the field. The wounded man had lain for several hours in front of the German snipers. Private Buzzard got flat on the ground and after crawling up to him by inches, dragged him safely into the British lines, notwithstanding that German sharpshooters were popping at him all the time.” He was secretary of the British Legion for 21 years and Herbert Buzzard Court; originally accommodation for ex-serviceman and women was named after him. He worked at Players in Nottingham and after that went to the Legion to deal with the vast amount of work there. The present headquarters were largely acquired due to him. He died in 1947.

Acknowledgement to Kay for information about her grandfather.

Hot News – Hucknall Library is to re-open on 6th July. It means those of you who have been chafing at the bit to do some local research can go for the burn. Good luck.

T.T.F.N. Maureen Newton

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Science 2 – Zoom Meeting, Friday 19th June 2020

It was pleasing that 21 members took part in our second Zoom meeting. Each time we use it we are getting a little more skilled in making this virtual meeting system work more effectively for us (mainly thanks to Mark Jackson, our IT consultant).

This time we had three mini presentations which utilised the screen sharing facility. John and Sue Tedstone talked about Ticknall Limeyards, which are within the grounds of Calke Abbey. These are a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)’ and well worth a visit – when we can.

Ian Murray presented some interesting facts about Maria Telkes who was a Hungarian-American biophysicist, scientist and inventor who worked on solar energy technologies. She is considered one of the founders of solar thermal storage systems, earning her the nickname “the Sun Queen”.

Ann then discussed Florence Rena Sabin (1871-1953) who was an American anatomist and medical researcher. Her excellent and innovative work on the origins of the lymphatic system, blood cells, and immune system cells and on the pathology of tuberculosis was well-recognized during her lifetime.

This was followed by a general discussion about garden birds. Thanks to all participants.

The next meeting via Zoom is at 10.00 am on Friday, 17th July, 2020

David Rose

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Action Fraud – COVID-19 scams

For an update from Action Fraud on COVID-19 scams and how to protect yourself, click on the link below:-

Fraud – COVID-19 scams

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