Choir needs an Accompanist/Musical Director

On behalf of our choir members I send many thanks and all good wishes to our accompanist and musical director, who has decided now is a suitable time to retire from her much-appreciated roles with us. Most choir members will be aware that Margaret Craig has been our excellent accompanist since the choir’s inception, and following our MDs retirement also recently took on that additional role. All of our members will want to express their thanks, Margaret will be sorely missed, but has earned her retirement, and she leaves with all our good wishes for her future adventures.

This creates, of course, a super opportunity for anyone with musical experience interested in becoming involved with a small but enthusiastic harmonic choir. We need an accompanist, and a musical director, with sufficient musical knowledge, willing to give us four hours per month (two x two-hourly meetings).

Do you think you may have the skills required, and could enjoy extending your interest in music, perhaps in a new direction? Margaret has indicated a willingness to continue to help, including giving guidance if required, perhaps for someone considering taking on one of the roles for the first time. Unless you prefer it, you will not be left to cope alone. We need you, so that we can resume our happy meetings, so please consider it if you would like to have a go, think you could do it, or know someone else who may be suitable. Thank you.

To contact Christine, the group leader, please use the form below:-

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History Group

The History Group always welcomes all U3A members. Our indoor meetings are held at Central Methodist Church on the 3rd Wednesday of the month commencing at 2.00 pm.

No members of the history group came forward with ideas for meetings next year which means I have booked already (to ensure the group have dates, coaches, etc.) what I thought you might be interested in and enjoy. See the list for the remainder of this year and next year below. It will be photocopied for those without internet. I am also beginning to book speakers. Have you heard any talks which might be suitable?

The 100th special issue of H.T.Times costing £1 will be in the shops when you read this.

Catherine Mumford (her maiden name) is a woman I greatly admire. She was born on 17th January 1829 in Ashbourne, the only daughter of five children of a coachbuilder and sometime Wesleyan preacher. In 1841 the family moved to London where she joined the Wesleyan church at Brixton but a group from the church eventually established a congregation as Methodist Reformers.

Catherine met a young reformer in 1851 called William Booth; the couple were engaged in 1852 and married in 1855. Together they joined the Methodist New Connexion. William became a minister moving round the country and in 1856 Catherine gave birth to William Bramwell Booth, the first of three sons and five daughters. Then having recently spoken from her husband’s pulpit for the first time she wrote a pamphlet supporting the right of women to preach.

By 1861 the Booths had broken with Methodism and eventually established a mission named the Christian Revival Association holding services in a tent. This movement was generally held to be the beginning of the Salvation Army although that name was not adopted until 1878. Catherine was an influence on thousands of people, bringing practical help, especially to women and children in the overcrowded slums. She made a significant contribution historically in that she originated roles for women in religious movements. Catherine’s health deteriorated under her arduous workload being later diagnosed with cancer and she died in 1899. Her funeral at Olympia was attended by an estimated 36,000 people. A statue of Catherine Mumford Booth is in the gardens of the recreation ground at Ashbourne.

For the record: Hucknall Salvation Army began in November 1879 being registered as Corps No. 132 in January 1880 with Captain Dexter, a woman, as the first minister. The arrival of this young woman caused a bit of a stir in the town.

Bye for now, Maureen

Meeting dates: 3rd Wednesday of the month for this year only including August and December.
Venue for Indoor meetings: Central Methodist Church.
Time: 2.00pm prompt.

This year meetings do depend on the Covid situation. Extra dates to normal have been booked if allowed.

August 18th 2021 If we are allowed a meeting I will organise something
September 15th 2021 Robert Mee is coming to talk to us on Bradshaws and an early railway Tour. (He says it is the famous railway timetable and a mystery tour.)
October 20th 2021 Visit to Sharpes Pottery and The Magic Attic. Leave Hucknall 12.15pm: Leave Sharpes 4.30pm, Return Hucknall 5.30pm (ish) Cost £11.
November 17th 2021 Visit to Richard lll & Leicester Cathedral. Leave Hucknall 10.30am. Leave Leicester 4.00pm. Return Hucknall 5.30pm (ish)
December 15th 2021 Friends of Bennerley Viaduct (Kieran Lee) coming to talk about this historic monument past and future.


January 19th 2022 John Tedstone coming to tell us about the U3A High Street project. Plus a member’s Hucknall High Street project.
February 16th 2022 Malcolm Darroch is coming to talk about ‘When the Balloon went up’. (He says it is a fascinating story.)
March 16th 2022
April 20th 2022 Visit to Cromford Mill. We will have a guided tour of the buildings. Plus the Arkwright Experience. Leave Hucknall 12 noon. Leave Cromford 4.30pm. Arrive Hucknall 5.30 (ish)
May 18th 2022
June 15th 2022 Much delayed visit to Doddington Hall & Gardens. Leave Hucknall 9.30am Leave Doddington 4.00pm. Return Hucknall 5.30pm (ish) Cost £20 Price cut to the bone.
September 21st 2022
October 19th 2022 Visit to Derby Museum and Art Gallery. We will have a talk about Joseph Wright of Derby (Famous artist) then a self guided tour of the museum. Leave Hucknall 1.00pm. Leave Derby 5pm. Arrive Hucknall 5.45 (ish)
November 16th 2022

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Long-length Walking group

Looking forward to August and the group’s third walk.

In June, 16 members enjoyed a 7 1/2 mile, circular, local walk taking in several sites of interest. Starting at Greasley Bogend, it included the old Watnall brick yard (sadly the two chimneys are long gone), Rolls Royce air strip (most of it now gone), the Great Northern railway cutting into Kimberley (now a very picturesque pedestrian path) and the old Kimberley brewery site (rapidly being redeveloped). The walk completed through Watnall Woods.

In July, 15 members did a 7 3/4 mile walk around Morning Springs and the Misk hills. The view from the southern end of the Misk is tremendous, stretching from Newstead Abbey grounds, across Bestwood country park and round to the water tower at Swingate, Kimberley.

August’s walk is a 7 ½ mile walk from Epperstone village.

To contact Terry Hill, the group leader, please use the form below:-

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Fun with Languages

After meeting on Zoom for many months now, we managed a face to face meeting in a garden! And it was dry! Many were unable to come due to holidays and appointments and we missed seeing you. We shared ideas about the future of the group and hope to meet at JGC if permitted in September. We also did a jumbled words game in Spanish.

A social has been planned for 10th August chez Ann Murray and those in the group need to contact Liz to say if you can come and bring a drink/nibbles to share please.

After many months on Zoom it will be great to move on to proper meetings, if we are able to, obviously in a safe as possible way. I would also like to know if any existing members of the group want to opt out of it, and if anyone new wants to come and join us, you are welcome.

To contact Liz and Ann, the group leaders, please use the form below:-

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National Trust Group

When we wrote our last report a month ago we were hoping that the promised “Freedom Day” would follow on June 21st and hoped to email out some good news to the group. However, this was not to be so the promised email would have been pointless!!!!

July again promises to bring “Freedom Day”, however, while writing this note we see the highest number of Covid-19 cases recorded since mid February. As you will be very aware Social Distancing rules remain the greatest hurdle to resuming our visits. If we get positive new guidelines, then we will contact J B Tours and Fountains Abbey immediately to try to arrange a date for the visit. When we reach this stage we will email or phone all of you who are booked on the visit.

We know that we are all frustrated beyond belief but we will get things organised on the first day that we possibly are able. In the longer term, if it is possible we intend to organise a visit to Belton House to see the Light Trail as well as trying to get some other trips in before the year ends.

Thank you all for your patience and keep your fingers crossed that things improve in the near future.

Sue and Barrie Saunders

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