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Fun with Languages

Our April zoom meeting was fairly well attended and the sudden disappearance of the Tedstones part way through caused much speculation!! However, on that windy day, it was all hands to the pump to rescue the gazebo! This caused much amusement, as you can imagine.

We talked about the wordsearch and definitions first, then continued with the next episode of our drama Mi Vida Loca. This was followed by a short look at coronavirus vocab on Butterfly Spanish by our Ana, a favourite with Mark. We are all finding Spanish quite challenging and feel sure some months on a beach in Spain would help considerably!

We are not zooming in May but having a break for a month, so our next meeting will be on Thursday, 10th June, 2021 at 10.30 am. At present this will be on zoom but if in person you will be contacted. Here’s hoping for warmer weather!

To contact Liz and Ann, please use the form below:-

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Notes from the Committee

The committee met via Zoom on Wednesday 7th April 2021 from 10am to 11.38am

Apologies were received from Sandra Green

The minutes of the March meeting were agreed.

Siobhan recently took part in a Notts Network Group Coordinators meeting where issues and ideas relating to groups restarting face to face were discussed.

Dianne reported that meeting speakers are arranged until June and that July and August are being finalised.

Angela has also attended a Notts Network meeting with a focus on using social media platforms to publicise and highlight membership of the u3a. She also reported 3450 ‘hits’ on our website.

Treasurer Christine explained the previously circulated balance sheets which showed little change from March. She also confirmed that our annual accounts scrutiniser Geoff Cree had completed his report for Jan to Dec 2020 ready for the AGM. Our thanks once more are extended to Geoff.

Phil the Equipment Manager confirms the ‘writing off’ of the old laser printer on the basis of maintenance costs and we thank Sue Spolton for looking after it and for her printing over a period of approx 8 years.

We have a concern about equipment storage at Hucknall Leisure Centre due to their refurbishment.
This is being followed up.

Vice Chair Melvyn has arranged the final film in the John Wayne trilogy for Tuesday 20th April and is pursuing what will initially be an online driving course for members.

Greg confirmed 441 full membership renewals and he will now contact all affiliated members to confirm their status.

Mark as Business Secretary outlined 2 possible options for a modification to our constitution to allow Zoom type and hybrid (e.g. Zoom plus a physical meeting) to officially take place.
We agreed an amendment which will be put to the membership at the forthcoming AGM

National u3a day is designated for June 2nd. It is proposed that we do not arrange any face to face event but publicise Hucknall u3a through the local press and social media.

The latest Covid and risk assessments advice from the u3a was discussed as were the results of the recent survey. These will be circulated to the membership.

Meeting closed at 11.38am.

David Rose, Chairman

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Message from the Chair – April 2021

Hello Everyone,

We had a good warm and sunny start to spring in the final days of March and for the next six months the clock in my car is reading the correct time now we have entered British Summer Time (BST) – the time used in the UK from late March to late October, that is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

The early history of BST is interesting. It was first established by the Summer Time Act 1916, after a campaign by builder William Willett. His original proposal was to move the clocks forward by 80 minutes, in 20-minute weekly steps on Sundays in April and by the reverse procedure in September. In 1916, BST began on 21 May and ended on 1 October. Willett never lived to see his idea implemented, having died in early 1915.

April is also the AGM month of our u3a. I would like to move ahead by 12 months to focus on the AGM in April 2022. Currently our constitution states the trustees (main committee members) can serve for a total of 6 years.

In April 2022 five members of the current committee reach that milestone and will vacate their office:

David Rose – Chair
Christine Berrill – Treasurer
Siobhan Lee – Groups Coordinator
Philip Attenborough – Equipment Manager
Barrie Saunders – Support across the committee roles

A u3a cannot function without trustees designated as officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Business Secretary. Before April 2022, Hucknall u3a will need members to step forward and volunteer for committee vacancies especially the officer roles of Treasurer and Vice Chair.

We had a similar situation in April 2016 and for a time it was almost a closure situation. It was thanks to the work and persuasive powers of John Tedstone and his retiring committee that encouraged the retiring members of the current committee to volunteer.

We will need at least five volunteers next April , if you are interested please get in touch with a committee member or myself via the form below:-

David Rose

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Have you tried something new during lockdown?

Proposed presentation to celebrate some activities carried out by Hucknall and District u3a members under Covid restrictions since March 23rd 2020

Have you tried something new during lock down?
A new craft or hobby: Learnt a new language or piece of music?
Walked or cycled a different route in your neighbourhood and noticed something you hadn’t before?
Have you had time to try a new recipe or baking technique?
Read a book or watched a film you never had time to read before or wrote your own poem or story?

I would like to compile an audio /visual presentation of activities undertaken by the Hucknall u3a members during the various levels of lock down. This will be shown at one of our future meetings.

Your contributions would be most welcome, please send photos, short videos, illustrations or pieces of writing to me via the contact form below:

Thank you
Chris Vincent

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Choir Group

Spring has definitely sprung, we all have something to sing about, and not just the weather, which is glorious today (when I have typed this I am heading for the patio with a Magnum). Although local gardens are looking as beautiful as they will at any time, it is good that we can now have a change of scene, driving non-essential journeys to somewhere further than an exercise walk away! The hills will be alive, whether or not anyone bursts into song.

During the month we had another Ring and Sing request, this time from a choir member for herself, who enjoyed an extra pleasant surprise due to an unexpected musical skill from our choir’s R&S volunteer. Hidden talents, well done. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can sing together, it won’t be soon, but I think we can begin to look forward to it, and so many other things. Keep patient, keep taking care, see you later.

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