Lloyds Bank

I received an email allegedly from Lloyds Bank stating that they had tried to contact me by phone and assumed my mobile contact number was out of date.

Instructions given – Please click on attached link to upload latest personnel details.

Initially suspect as I don’t have a Lloyds account, on clicking on the sender’s email address it was obvious that this was not from Lloyds – DELETE email.

Ozempic phishing scam

Scammers are setting up fake phishing websites peddling the new weight loss drug Ozempic, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has warned.

The websites ask for your personal details including your name, address and banking information.

 PayPal invoice scam

Scammers impersonating PayPal are sending recipients a ‘receipt’ for a high-value order in an attempt to get them to call a dodgy phone number.

The number is provided if you ‘didn’t authorise this charge’ and leads to a phone scam where a fraudster will try to obtain your personal details.

Don’t click on the links in these emails and don’t respond to them.

 ITV impersonation email

This scam email impersonating ITV offers a subscription to the ITV X streaming service for just £2 a year.

The link in the email leads to a phishing website which asks for your address, phone number, email and bank details.

Please beware scammers and thieves are after your money; never respond to any email or text you are not 100% happy with.


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