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Latest news from the Easy Wheelers cycling group

2019 Great Notts Cycle Ride

On Sunday 23rd June, after several weeks of intensive training and a strict diet regime, the 15 strong ‘Easywheelers Team’ comprising of twelve U3A cyclists and three family members successfully completed the Great Notts Cycle 50 miles route.

Well done to all with a special mention to Sue Jackson, Mary Martin and David Martin for completing this for the first time.

Five other members took on the bigger challenge of the 75 mile route which is obviously longer but also has a few stiff uphill sections to make it interesting. It was an ambition of two 50 mile veterans Jim Spray and Roy Beadle to take on the 75 challenge just before they hit 75 years of age and before retiring to spend more time enjoying their free TV licence (dream on..)

Trevor Onions and Gary Whelan set a cracking pace to complete the 75 in a very good time.

Congratulations to all who took part in this event and already we are looking forward to next year.

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Easy Wheelers – On the Road Again

On 24th May, a group of 17 adventurous Easy Wheelers set out, in glorious weather, on a cycle ride to Grantham. For safety reasons, we formed two pelotons, one lead by Route Master, John Saunders and one by Group Leader, David Rose, ably supported by Back Markers Trevor Onions and John Gibson.

One puncture down in Group 1 before we made it to the first pit-stop at Holme Pierrepont but it didn’t delay proceedings as Group 1 had to wait for Group 2 as they went on an unplanned tour of the industrial estate at Dunkirk.

Pressing on, we made good time to get to the next pit-stop at Aslockton, where the “smiling” landlord served us drinks, some of which were what we asked for. We were covering the distance so quickly that we had time for an unscheduled pit-stop at the Dirty-Duck, where we basked in the sunshine before pressing on to complete the 37 miles target for the day.

Team Beadle guided us through the rush-hour congestion in Grantham and it became clear that the Route master hadn’t added VAT to the distance calculation as, after 45 miles, we finally arrived at the hotel, to be met by our support driver, Pam Spray.

The hotel – well! A ten-minute wait for the receptionist to arrive and further delays to find a key to the bike storage that was full of old furniture, this should have told us what we were in for…

After a quick, refreshing, shower, where the hotel plumbing had mixed reviews, we proceeded to a local Italian restaurant. Our local “blue-badge” guides negotiated a good deal and a most enjoyable evening ensued as we replenished some carbohydrates and fluids we had lost during the day.

After a refreshing sleep, we met up for what proved to be an entertaining breakfast, unaware that, aside from a more attractive Manuel character, the hotel must have been the inspiration for Fawlty Towers. The staff visited the local Aldi to replenish some items and had clearly bulk bought the entire stock of Rice Crispies. Provided guests didn’t expect the cooked breakfast they ordered from “Manuel” or prefer it warm, everything was fine.

Sudocremed and ready, we said farewell to the hotel and set off in our two pelotons for the return leg. Once again, the sun was kind to us and we rapidly clocked up the first 12 miles before stopping for refreshments at Long Bennington.

Rejoining the route we headed for home and after a convenience break at Car Colston we pressed on to Lowdham where some more refuelling took place. The last push was easy. After all, we only had to cycle up Gravely Hollow! Puncture number 2 at Burnstump Park and a dash for home finished the 39 mile distance in good time to enjoy the last of the sunshine.

Lynda Jackson Cycle Group

(This was part of our training for the Great Notts Cycle 50/75 mile ride on Sunday June 23rd)

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Fund Raising for Rumbletums Cafe

Hucknall and District U3A are collecting for the Walkers / Terracycle collection to raise funds for Rumbletums Community Cafe Kimberley

Crisp packet recycling has definitely arrived! Rumbletums can earn money by sending collected crisp packets of any brand to a recycling company called Terracycle.

The photograph shows empty crisp packets ready to send to Terracycle. This collection includes some donated by our members. Your response has been fantastic and we will welcome further donations at the June monthly meeting.

Thanks from the Cycling group

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Rumbletums Cafe Kimberley – Recycling Project

The Hucknall and District U3A Cycling Group wish to thank all fellow members who have brought their empty crisp packets for the collection at the monthly meeting. They are recycled rather than added to landfill and Rumbletums receive a payment towards their survival fund.

There will be a collection point near the signing in desk at the May monthly meeting. Please note it is only crisp and similar snack product bags plus the big bag from multi packs that are being collected.

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Used Wrapper Collection – Rumbletums

Cycle Group Crisp packets, crinkly biscuit and cake wrapper collection

Many thanks to all members who bought their used wrappers to the monthly meeting in March. They are being collected by the Rumbletums cafe in Kimberley to be recycled by a company called Terracycle.

Rumbletums provides worthwhile work opportunities and training for people with learning and related difficulties. It is one of our top two favourite cafe stops and they need to raise additional funding to avoid foreclosure of their current lease.

The photograph shows Val and Irene passing over two bin liners of used packaging on March 20th during our coffee stop. There will be another collection at the April monthly meeting. Basically, eat loads of crisps, biscuits and cakes and put your empties in the box near the signing in desk on April 10th!

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