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Latest news from the Easy Wheelers cycling group

Rumbletums Cafe Kimberley – Recycling Project

The Hucknall and District U3A Cycling Group wish to thank all fellow members who have brought their empty crisp packets for the collection at the monthly meeting. They are recycled rather than added to landfill and Rumbletums receive a payment towards their survival fund.

There will be a collection point near the signing in desk at the May monthly meeting. Please note it is only crisp and similar snack product bags plus the big bag from multi packs that are being collected.

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Used Wrapper Collection – Rumbletums

Cycle Group Crisp packets, crinkly biscuit and cake wrapper collection

Many thanks to all members who bought their used wrappers to the monthly meeting in March. They are being collected by the Rumbletums cafe in Kimberley to be recycled by a company called Terracycle.

Rumbletums provides worthwhile work opportunities and training for people with learning and related difficulties. It is one of our top two favourite cafe stops and they need to raise additional funding to avoid foreclosure of their current lease.

The photograph shows Val and Irene passing over two bin liners of used packaging on March 20th during our coffee stop. There will be another collection at the April monthly meeting. Basically, eat loads of crisps, biscuits and cakes and put your empties in the box near the signing in desk on April 10th!

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Cycling Group

Weather permitting rides will continue every Wednesday until the 19th December which will be our ‘Festive Breakfast Ride’ – this year arranged by Irene to the Leen Valley Golf Club following an appetite-inducing circuit of about 15 miles.

We start again in 2019 on Wednesday, 9th January.

To contact the group leaders, Irene and David, please use the form below:-

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Cycling Group ride to Newark

The group meets for a weekly ride every Wednesday at 9.00 am at Hucknall Leisure Centre.

In October some of the group took part in a two-day ride to Newark on Friday 19th and back on Saturday 20th, with an overnight stay, when we had the opportunity to follow some of Newark’s heritage trail. We used two different routes planned and navigated by John Saunders using Sustrans cycle routes where possible only using short sections of busy roads as links.

Our crack technical team of John Gibson and Jim Spray were not called upon as fortunately we were puncture free all the way.

The photograph shows the smiling faces before we left for the hillier route back on Saturday.

To contact the group leaders, David and Irene, please use the form below:-

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2018 Cycle Live – Nottingham

Following some weeks of extra training under the watchful eye of route master, John Saunders, the day finally arrived, 24th June 2018, for the annual event the ‘Easy Wheelers’ had been waiting for – the 50-mile bike ride for Nottingham Cycle Live.

Making our way to Trent Embankment for a 9.00am start, we set off in groups but I could not start with the main group so I left in the next starting batch. However, the others waited for me on the embankment and we all set off together. It was like that all the way, we all looked out for each other so that no-one was left (too far) behind.

Picture: Ian Hodgkinson / Picture It
Thousands of people have taken part in Cycle Live Nottingham. Starting and finishing at the Victoria Embankment

There were three feeding stations, facilities for a rest and something to eat. The last station was at Langer and we all knew this meant only fifteen miles to go and, on reaching Radcliffe on Trent, only another four miles left. We stayed together near the finishing line so that we all finished at the same time. We did extremely well surviving the heat with no punctures, broken bones, or incidents.

I must congratulate David Rose who completed the 75-mile route even though he had a knee injury (and he is hoping that others may join him next year).

Well done to my fellow bike riders. I was sponsored for The British Heart Foundation and take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated £61.00 from the U3A and £227.50 in total.

Irene Astill

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