Message from our Chair

Well here we are in March, the weather folk tell us that February has been the hottest on record, I know it must have been one of the wettest, taking the dogs for their walks has meant that we have often had to abandon the woods and walk them on the pavement. They are not as happy as there are no squirrels to chase and yes they have been known to catch them, not sure who was the most surprised the squirrels or the dog.

On the subject of animals, we have spent the past two days watching a male blackbird trying to drive away an interloper on his territory, don’t know how long it will take him to realise it is his own reflection in a mirror.

Some of us are off to Kendal shortly on a short holiday the Long Walk leader has organised for the Walking and the National Trust groups, plus a few others of us.  It sounds good with a good programme of walks and NT visits, we will let you know how we fair afterwards. Here’s hoping for good weather and good food!

Sunday 10th March is of course Mothering Sunday and I hope all of you mothers get a card and a few flowers as thanks for all your hard work throughout the year. Not sure how many of us still have our own mothers with us, if you are fortunate to be one of the few, I’m sure you will spoil your mother on this day.

On the 17th March it is of course St Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s patron saint and a good excuse for all of us that enjoy an occasional pint of Guinness. St Patrick was a 5th century Roman-British Christian Missionary. It is traditional to wear something green if celebrating his saint’s day.

Another date to remember is Saturday 30th March and remember to put your clocks forward before you go to bed. I’m not sure if anyone actually sits up until 2am on Sunday morning the official time to do so. Always amusing at church on a Sunday morning to see those who have forgotten, arriving an hour late.

Finally but by no means least we have Good Friday on 29th and Easter Sunday on the 30th March. Obviously a traditional time for children to receive Easter eggs, however, for the Christians among us this is the most important date of the year, celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection. A very busy month indeed.

I am pleased to announce that we have managed to fill all of the committee roles to replace those that are retiring and hopefully they will all be voted into office at our AGM in April.

Look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting on 13th March and would encourage you to look to see if there are any other interest groups that you would like to join.

God Bless

Melvyn Francis

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