Weekenders’ Group

I decided to set up a “Weekenders” group for those ladies amongst us who were not doing anything at weekends because relatives perhaps had other family commitments or who despite being busy during the week, members had no events planned for the weekend.

We like to organise a Lunch, a Social Evening, an Outing and a Coffee Club get together each month, plus any other events we might be interested in. We have a programme planning meeting once a quarter to plan our next four months’ activities. When it’s a member’s birthday we usually meet up at The Broomhill pub for a lunch (we also go to other lunches occasionally at different venues); we then hold small social evenings, usually with a theme at members’ homes (in the past we have had our version of “Would I Lie To You?”, tales about Family Heirlooms, Disastrous Holidays and Our Marriage Proposals; we also have outings to nearby towns, parks, garden centres etc once a month and perhaps a “Bus Pass Day Out” which hopefully costs us nothing. On the last Saturday of the month I host a Coffee Club at my house (strangely though we mostly drink tea!). We sometimes have a theme for discussion – and believe me, the discussions are very wide ranging and mostly hilarious! Due to space this group is now limited to sixteen members.

Personally I feel our Weekenders Group very much fulfils a need for companionship and a wider social life. At this particular time we are keeping in touch via email, Facebook and phone, checking up on each other that we are all well and happy and a chance to have a good moan. It’s nice just to hear another voice! Looking forward to planning events for later in the year. Keep in touch everyone!

And finally (!) – thought I would just tell you about a very well-spoken retired headmistress I know who, when standing in a queue at Birds bakery which had stretched out of the door, a man walked up and stood in front of her. In her best headmistress voice, she said “Do you mind, young man, I am social distancing! Get to the back of the queue!”. Of course, he sheepishly apologised and moved to the back of the queue as ordered! More power to old ladies’ elbows (and yes, she is now self-isolating; she’s also a U3A member from another town!

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