Pub Quiz and Lunch Group

The U3A Pub Quiz Group was started approximately four years ago by John Peters, a U3A member and regular at the Nabb Inn pub. He produced the quizzes and also the idea of a raffle which included a “bumper bag” which was a carrier bag full of grocery items donated by the members. He also negotiated a free bottle of wine from the bar but unfortunately, we don’t now get this but we do get some lovely raffle prize donations from our members instead. There is a £1 charge for the raffle ticket. We always meet in the alcove area of the pub lounge.

Sadly John passed away and I took over the running of the group. We meet at 12 noon and, those who wish to dine, order their lunches on arrival. A small “speciality” puzzle is placed on each table for the teams to solve during lunch but the main quiz consists of 25 questions of varying difficulty and ending with two tie-breakers if required. I read out the questions and then lunch is served and the answer sheets are handed in to me. I don’t knock off marks for bad spelling, by the way!

On average there are up to eight teams competing, each team made up of between three to five members. After lunch I then read out the answers to both puzzle and quiz and there are two prizes of cash (from the raffle) for the first and second winning teams. The fun is not in the winning but the taking part! Then the raffle is drawn and eventually we all go home!

Let’s hope we can soon get back to our normal routine but in the meantime why not have a go at the following Dingbat puzzle? (Answers next month).

Click below:

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