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Believe it or not, the Lunch Group has been meeting for over eleven years as it was one of the first groups started when Hucknall & District U3A was first set up and in that time, we have visited well over one hundred different pubs and restaurants for lunch. The number of diners varies each month but in the beginning there were as many as 40 members attending. The average these days is around 30. There have been one or two more favourite venues repeated, two of which have been the Christmas lunch at the Albert Hall in Nottingham and our own Arunothai in Hucknall. Fortunately there have only been a couple of places that have disappointed us as the majority have been excellent. I won’t name them in case I get sued for discrimination but we know who they are, don’t we? We even included a lunch on the Nottingham Princess Riverboat, and one or two excellent fish & chip restaurants.

I decided to include a small paper quiz at our lunches so that instead of people getting up and leaving immediately after the meal, they stayed a little later to get the answers to the quiz and to socialise a little more.

We always meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon (unless otherwise stated) at a different restaurant each month. The menus vary in price and content but hopefully average out over the year at a reasonable cost. It is an opportunity for members to meet together socially and try out different restaurants which, as individuals, they may not have had the chance to try before. We hope members will find something of interest to their “tastes” and I always look forward to meeting up each month. I would love to hear about your recommendations for reasonably priced venues within a ten mile radius of Hucknall as we have been going for nearly twelve years and are running out of new venues! However, people are very reluctant to go south of the River Trent as this means driving through Nottingham.

When putting your name down, if the menu is available, either at the meeting or on the website, could you please indicate your menu choices at that time. Please note that at our lunch group visits members should purchase their own drinks at the bar as adding everyone’s drinks to the food menu causes a lot of administration problems.

Obviously at this time of social distancing and self-isolating there are no lunches planned for the near future but watch this space! Keep safe everyone!

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