Not So Grumpy Old Men

For their second activity of the month the NSGOM, boosted by a small number of real Grumpy Old Men, paid a visit to the Rock cemetery and catacombs at the junction of  Mansfield Road and Forest Road in Nottingham. We all agreed that the site was one we had passed thousands of times before on our travels in to Nottingham over the years. Now it was time to stop and find out about the site and its wonderful history.

Meeting up at the entrance to the site we were met by our guide for the morning. A leisurely tour of the site led to many stories about the famous and indeed the less famous people buried there. Edwin Patchitt, clerk to the local magistrates founded the site in 1848. Other famous names spotted on headstones included Watson Fothergill and James Shipstone.

Later going underground we visited the catacombs where many a worker lost his life while working in the sandstone caves. Here many a visitor, when standing quietly, has claimed to hear the sound of footsteps of former workers, pounding the caves. Perhaps not surprising as above ground,¬†stood Gallows Hill where Nottingham’s public executions were held.

Anyway escaping the catacombs safely we walked back into the daylight and returned to our starting point.  After thanking our guide we then walked down to the nearby Grosvenor Inn for a pleasant lunch before returning to Hucknall on the tram or bus.

 An unusual but very interesting morning completed.

April sees the group taking part in a driving experience while blindfolded!!!!!!!!!   

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