Not So Grumpies visit to Newark

NSGOM Trip to the National Civil War Centre, Newark
In March, the Not So Grumpies visited Newark, breakfasting in an historic building prior to proceeding to the National Civil War Museum, from which our expeditionary force stepped back in time to Newark in the 1640’s. After a fascinating insight to the life and challenges of that period, we returned to the present day, first stopping off to visit with T.E Lawrence (of Arabia) in the Middle East during the First World War. During our time travels we discovered a collection of old relics and a number of long-lost ancestors, some of which are shown on the attached pics. As the final pic clearly shows, some members could scarcely contain their excitement. On reaching the present day, we continued our historical research along the Civil War Ale Trail (who could guess there would be such a thing!), before returning home.

Sheik Bin Francis and his Harem

Musketeer Saunders hits the town with Goodwife Newton

Musketeer Francis cunningly disguised as a Cavalier


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