Music for Pleasure Plan Music from Wartime Evening

The Music for Pleasure group met at John Peters’ home on 28th March.
Following our ‘recital’ evening last month we reverted to recorded music, and this month John had selected music with a ‘folksy’ feeling. We began with the popular group from the 1960’s and ‘70’s The Spinners and some of their best known and well-loved renditions, including ‘The Leaving of Liverpool’.
We then heard from the Seekers, the Australian group which still has many fans, due in part to the beautiful voice of lead singer Judith Durham. (The group founded later calling themselves The New Seekers could never hold a candle to the original one).
This was followed by some Irish drinking songs. Perhaps, rather disturbingly, some of our members could remember and sing along to some of the words which we remembered from our younger days in the sixties!
Lastly, we heard from Annie Lennox. This provided a more up to date contribution to the evening, which was also once again a most enjoyable social occasion for our members.
Our next meeting will consist of an evening of music from wartime days of the 40’s in celebration of the recent 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn, plus other nostalgic and patriotic items.
Future plans were discussed, including a summer barbecue (hopefully!), and even stretching as far ahead as next Christmas, when it is hoped that choir members from the Torkard Ensemble will sing carols for the group.

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