Message from the Chair

Hi there folks, it’s been really good to be back at July’s committee meeting, monthly meeting, social sub committee meeting and my various groups. I can’t tell you how much I have missed all of the u3a activities over the past three months.

My knee is well on the way to recovery, just need to keep up the physio, 12 exercises, 3 times a day. The right eye, is a wait and see (pun)

As I write these thoughts, it seems that the St Swithin’s saying I mentioned last month has become a reality, so much rain in July, after June’s gorgeous sunshine. Here’s hoping August is kinder to us with plenty of sunshine. Mind, it has been nice not having to water the tomatoes and flower containers.

Looking forward to our September social gathering, the SSC have organised a great nights entertainment with pop group ‘Rocks and Frocks’ specialising in 60’s music, so get your 60’s gear out and see if it still fits. Tickets on sale next meeting, only £8, bring your own food and dancing shoes.

Trust if you have already had a good holiday(s) you are well rested and recharged, or if looking forward to one, hope the current European hot weather and fires does not affect any of you.

After a few requests, we are once again reserving a few seats on the front row for those with a hearing problem.

Look forward to seeing you all at August’s monthly meeting, please try and remember to wear your name badges so that all know who you are, and of course don’t forget to sign out if you leave early.

Melvyn Francis, Chair

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