We were pleased to welcome a guest speaker, Mr Ian Allen, at our July 15th meeting.

Ian is a local wildlife enthusiast who contributes to the county and national surveys on sighting, frequency and the identification of dragonflies and damselflies in our local wetlands.

He explained with the help of some wonderful photographs that:

Damselflies are delicate insects, with eyes on each side of their rectangular head. They have a fluttering flight, with the front and back pairs of wings equal size. When the damselfly is resting, the wings are usually held closed.

 Dragonflies are larger and more robust, with eyes that meet in the middle of their spherical head. Their front wings are narrower than their hind wings and when resting both pairs are held wide open

Male banded demoiselle damselfly

                          Female emperor dragonfly

They are to be found in all wetland areas throughout the summer months.

Ian was thanked for his presentation and was able to answer questions from members.

No meeting in August but we meet again on Friday September 15th in the main hall of the John Godber Centre.  Enjoy the break and there will be more details before the next meeting.

David Rose

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