Science 1 discuss "Life on other planets?"

At our January meeting we had a presentation by four eminent NASA scientists (via YouTube) who had been researching the possibility of life on other planets and moons within our solar system and on exoplanets elsewhere in the universe. We discovered that life on earth took at least 1-2 billion years to evolve and even then the planet was still not suitable for life as we know it today. We also learned that modern humans evolved some 600,000 years ago but that we have only been able to use technology for some 200 years. Is it then not surprising that we have not been able to find life outside the Earth. It was also suggested that the human race might be the first intelligent life in the universe as it takes billions of years to evolve and the Big Bang happened some 13.75 billion years ago. It would seem that conditions on other planets and moons and within the universe are suitable for life to develop. There are life forms on earth that live in extreme environments very similar to the conditions in the solar system. The consensus was that life will be found elsewhere within the next say 20 years.
Several members of the Group gave biographies of British scientists who have made a great contribution to the world of science and recent news reports from within the scientific community.
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