Have you tried something new during lockdown?

Proposed presentation to celebrate some activities carried out by Hucknall and District u3a members under Covid restrictions since March 23rd 2020

Have you tried something new during lock down?
A new craft or hobby: Learnt a new language or piece of music?
Walked or cycled a different route in your neighbourhood and noticed something you hadn’t before?
Have you had time to try a new recipe or baking technique?
Read a book or watched a film you never had time to read before or wrote your own poem or story?

I would like to compile an audio /visual presentation of activities undertaken by the Hucknall u3a members during the various levels of lock down. This will be shown at one of our future meetings.

Your contributions would be most welcome, please send photos, short videos, illustrations or pieces of writing to me via the contact form below:

Thank you
Chris Vincent

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