Choir Group

Spring has definitely sprung, we all have something to sing about, and not just the weather, which is glorious today (when I have typed this I am heading for the patio with a Magnum). Although local gardens are looking as beautiful as they will at any time, it is good that we can now have a change of scene, driving non-essential journeys to somewhere further than an exercise walk away! The hills will be alive, whether or not anyone bursts into song.

During the month we had another Ring and Sing request, this time from a choir member for herself, who enjoyed an extra pleasant surprise due to an unexpected musical skill from our choir’s R&S volunteer. Hidden talents, well done. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can sing together, it won’t be soon, but I think we can begin to look forward to it, and so many other things. Keep patient, keep taking care, see you later.

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