Wine Tasting Red Wine Theme

The second meeting of our new Wine Tasting Group continued with the red wine theme, with 2 ‘old world’ and 2 ‘new world’ wines being chosen. A handy newspaper guide to the ’20 best red wines for Christmas’ was used, with a detailed search of local supermarkets being needed. One of the four wines proved very elusive, so initiative was used to choose the fourth wine.
The wines tasted were: Barefoot California Merlot ; Les 3 lys – Crozes Hermitage, Syrah; Andara Chilean Merlot; and Labrune et Fils, Pinot Noir. The clear favourite was the Barefoot California Merlot, which was the only wine not in the list. On sale at Morrisons for £6.99, it fully lived up to its description of having flavours of blackberry, raspberry and chocolate, and being silky smooth. We were all impressed when one of our number correctly identified flavours of mint in the Chilean Merlot!

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