Wine Tasting Group (Vacancy)

A vacancy has arisen in our group for one person, which we would like to fill as soon as possible. We are a group of 10 people, who meet in each other’s homes at 7:30 pm, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. We take it in turns to host, which involves providing 4 wines, having researched each one beforehand. The host also provides a small buffet to end the evening with.

We are not experts but always learn something new and have a very enjoyable evening. If you are interested you will be able to talk to me (Sue), in the Boardroom, in the break, at the U3A Meeting on 11th March. We don’t have a board, so I’ll stand in the corner!! Or you can contact me through the website on the form below.

Thanks. Sue Tedstone and Marilyn Gretton (Coordinators)

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