Weekenders’ Group

Once again we have been in touch on a regular basis via phone, email and newsletter and of course, weather permitting, our garden meet ups have continued. We had a couple of very hot meet ups last week, requiring umbrellas being used as parasols but Margaret Whilde reports as follows on her August garden meet-up:

Despite the weather we enjoyed the afternoon very much. I provided blankets and gloves, and when the rain came, we all dived under the car port for shelter. We did have bottles on the table, which Doreen Newton and Joyce Crane provided but we did follow them up with coffee, tea and sweet goodies. We put the world to rights and had quite a laugh along the way. As the photo shows the four old ladies were very well wrapped up for the occasion.
Sandra – Looks like an old folks’ home in the Arctic Circle!

We are wracking our brains as to how we can socialise during the winter months but haven’t come up with any good ideas yet, and, future restrictions being what they will be, there is not much likelihood of any social activity. But keep in touch ladies, we still have the phone!

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