Pub Quiz and Lunch

The answers to last month’s puzzle in the Newsletter was a bit easier in that every picture clue had a “very loose” connection with the word “One” as follows:

1 One for sorrow
2. Wonder Woman
3. 101 Dalmations
4. Swan
5. One armed bandit
6. One bad apple
7. One man band
8. One night stand
9. World War I
10 Stevie Wonder
11. Wonder Bra
12. One more night
13. Onesie
14. One Direction
15. One horse race
16. One way street
17. Once upon a time
18. Willy Wonka
19. One way ticket
20. Tae kwondo
21. Wanted poster
22. One too many
23. One eyed monster
24. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

And for a change why not give this non-brain taxing puzzle a try?

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