Weekenders’ Group

I’m sure our Weekenders Group members have missed our activities as much as I have. We have all kept in touch either on Facebook, or via email or by telephone and even had a virtual Coffee Club session when we all had a cuppa at 2.00 pm on our usual Saturday meeting date. We are making plans for our future Days Out, Lunches, Social Evenings, Coffee Club; one member even suggested we plan these to take place all in one week rather than spread over a month!

It’s really strange that now we have the time to catch up on all those jobs we couldn’t do because we were out enjoying ourselves, there doesn’t seem the motivation to do any of them but just to sit in the sun on warm days and sit in front of the TV on colder days. However, I do know that some of our Weekenders have been very busy learning new hobbies and doing exercise etc. We have missed celebrating our members’ birthdays at The Broomhill but we will make up for this no doubt in the near future. In the meantime, ladies – please take care of yourselves and keep in touch on a regular basis.

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