Pub Quiz with Lunch

Our last Pub Quiz was on Monday, 8th March and I’ve been in self-isolation ever since, being in that dreaded ‘Over 70 with Underlying Health Conditions’ category! However, I did send some quizzes over to David Rose for him to formulate for the U3A Newsletter and I hope you are enjoying them. In the meantime, here below is a small Ditloids puzzle for you to mull over! These are sayings or phrases represented by numbers and first letters of each word. Good luck! Answers next month.

1 0=BLSB
2 1=SUP is a B
3 3=S in a T
4 5=R on the OF
5 7=P of E
6 9=L of a C
7 11=P in a CT
8 12=GM and T
9 12=S of the Z
10 16=P in C

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