Walking Cricket Challenge

Looking Ahead: Walking Cricket Challenge

Whilst on furlough from his honorary ‘Fire Chief’ position Albert has been busy. He has been in touch with Barnsley u3a who have a trophy winning Walking Cricket interest group.

Albert writes: I have challenged Barnsley u3a Walking Cricket Team to a match, then realised we had not yet got a team!

They agreed and proceeded to tell me the ground rules:
You must use a lightweight bat, not your Gunn and Moore, or Kookaburra for example.
No backing up from the bowlers end.
Teams of 8 should contain 3 ladies whenever possible.
LBW will operate during every game.

Hucknall Walking Cricket Team has a fearsome reputation of hard hitting and demon fast/slow bowling. Hucknall u3a will follow their example and show them how it’s done!

Anyone Interested? Once we can, we will take on the mighty Barnsley.

Albert Briggs

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