I should have liked the choir to be able to meet on Zoom, perhaps to sing together, even if it couldn’t be properly coordinated. Optimistically, I attended the Zoom meeting for group leaders, or those hoping to host a meeting, and learned it couldn’t reasonably happen. I should have realized, as obviously only one person can properly be heard at a time. It seems our only hope would be to have meetings with, in effect, a soloist and a muted backing group! I’m sorry to say to the few who responded expressing an interest, that it isn’t going to happen. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sing alone, or indeed appear to fellow choir members to be miming! (previously, it has cruelly been suggested that some members have mimed over difficult bits, but that couldn’t be true, I don’t believe it and shouldn’t want it to appear that way).

We’ll wait, practise at home and sing with much more energy when we finally get together again. With that in mind, and to enable us to actually remember songs in our repertoire, can I remind members that some of us will be practising, alone, ‘All That Jazz’ on 4th November, a usual meeting date, at or around our usual time of 1.30 pm if they want to join us, and of course, anyone else is welcome. If you know it, join in, you can pretend to be Catherine Zeta Jones, and consider yourself a choir member for the duration.

As I write this it has been announced that Nottingham will be in Tier 3 from Thursday, although by the time you read this I assume it will be a well-established fact. Not cheering, but nothing we can’t cope with. Our parents and grandparents went through a war, some through two, for prolonged periods with little or no control over whether they lived or died, to some extent we have choices. Do make use of our Ring and Sing service if it helps, I intend to when my birthday comes around!

Good wishes, take care and stay safe,

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