The History of the East Midlands Knitting Industry Talk

To celebrate the 2017 Festival of Archaeology, Nottingham Industrial Museum is pleased to announce an illustrated talk by Colin Moss on ‘The History of the East Midlands Knitting Industry’ to be held on Wednesday 26 July from 6pm to 8pm in our Lace Gallery. We would be very grateful if you would share this email within your networks, societies and associations as well as posting about it on your websites, newsletters or bulletin boards.
Colin Moss is one of Nottingham Industrial Museum’s fantastic Volunteer Guides and his talk will describe the history of the knitting industry from earliest times up to the present day. He will show how the East Midlands played a pivotal role in that industry and how today’s worldwide knitting industry has its foundations in technology developed in the East Midlands.
To illustrate his talk, Colin will use example of historic buildings in the East Midlands, a range of the knitting machines in use and on show at various museums in the area, together with some very modern machines in use in today’s local knitting industry. He will also describe the related social history of the “stockingers” who were the foundation of the knitting industry up until mid-Victorian times.
The duration of the talk is approximately 1 hr 20 min and all the museum galleries will be available for you explore.
Tickets are £5 per person with refreshments included. Please note that this is a pre-booked and ticketed event with no tickets available at the door. Please purchase your tickets via our Eventbrite listing
We very much hope to see you there.
Best wishes
Helen Bowen
Marketing and Communications Director
Nottingham Industrial Museum
Wollaton Hall and Deer Park
Nottingham, NG8 2AE

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