Science Groups 1 and 2 Visit to Green Chemistry Centre

Science Visit to the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry Nottingham University July 19th 2019

31 members from Science 1 and 2 had a most interesting visit to a unique building and research centre at the Triumph Road site (more familiar to most as the old Raleigh factory). It is a leading centre for research into Sustainable or Green Chemistry.

Our visit started with an introduction by Dr Nick Bennett, the Senior Project Manager, followed by a guided tour of the building and laboratories. The building is a unique zero carbon emission building, primarily the structure is fire resistant treated wood. Solar energy supplies most of the power and the insulation includes a living grass covered roof.

The concept of sustainable chemistry was explained as an area of chemistry and chemical engineering focused on the designing of products and processes that minimise or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. The other focuses being technological approaches to preventing pollution and reducing consumption of non-renewable resources.

A presentation followed by Professor Steve Howdle (Head of School of
Chemistry) where he cited examples of some current research that include using plant material and waste products from some industrial processes instead of oil and rare resources.

Finally there was time to ask questions together with light refreshments and a last look round.

David Rose

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