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The Lunch Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon (unless otherwise stated) at a different restaurant each month. The menus vary in price and content but hopefully average out over the year at a reasonable cost. It is an opportunity for members to meet together socially and try out different restaurants which, as individuals, they may not have had the chance to try before. We always have a quiz which is usually related to the venue or its theme. We hope you will find something of interest to your “taste” and look forward to meeting up with you each month. I would love to hear about your recommendations for reasonably priced venues as we have been going for nearly eleven years and are running out of new venues!

When putting your name down, if the menu is available, either at the meeting or on the website, could you please indicate your menu choices at that time.

On July 24th it was the day before the highest summer temperature for our visit to May Sum Chinese Buffet in Nottingham. We can recommend this restaurant, not only for the wide variety of Chinese dishes on offer but also for the pensioner discount for what is a very reasonably priced menu.

We will be interested to see what they have done to the old Seven Mile House on August 28th when we will be visiting Miller & Carter.

September 25th will be to Oliver’s Pub & Kitchen at Eastwood, although they have not yet let me have their Autumn menu. Please could you bring a £5 deposit for this event to the next U3A meeting.

On October 23rd we will see what they have done to the Old Spot at Daybrook which is now called The Cooper’s Brook.

Then on November 27th we shall try George’s on Queen Street, Nottingham.

Our Christmas lunch will be at our usual venue, The Albert Hall on 19th December and I shall be taking £10 deposits at the September meeting. Please also note that the annual £1 administration fee is now due.

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