Science Group 2 November Report

At our meeting on Friday 20th we were pleased to welcome Alison Cowley. Alison is a Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Researcher at Nottingham University NHS Trust (GMC).
The theme of her presentation was ‘Why do people fall?’
Although we could all think of some of those reasons Alison raised our awareness of many aspects of falling and their consequences, especially for the over 60’s.
Falls happen to people of all ages, however statistically as we get older we become more susceptible to falls and we no longer bounce back as older bones are more brittle and muscle mass is on the decline.
Alison explained that contrary to popular assumption, poor reflexes and tripping may not be to blame as dizziness, medication side effects, and certain health conditions like arrhythmia can contribute to falls.
Using her dad, Philip Attenborough, as a stunt man she demonstrated what could be described as ‘incorrect transfer or shifting of body weight’. Essentially a body movement that causes our centre of gravity to change improperly whilst walking or standing.
Some good advice for all U3A members
Alison shared advice on how to reduce the risk and frequency of falls through exercise as a preventive means especially resistance against weights and walking.
‘Fall Proofing’ your home:
– Get rid of clutter especially on stairs
– Minimise slip hazards, rugs can be deadly remove or fix non slip strips to the underside
– Keep electrical cables and cords out of the way
– Use non slip mats in the shower and bath
– Fix grab rails where required
– Keep areas well lit and use a dim night light near bathrooms
– Keep paths and driveways in good repair
– Wear comfortable shoes
Sue Tedstone thanked Alison on behalf of the group and extended thanks to her parents Liz and Phil Attenborough for talking her into it.
After a midway break Sylvia Kitchen shared a personal perspective to the group on how she copes with her condition of Scoliosis.
This was followed by a Science based Christmas Quiz in team of 4 and there were 2 joint winning teams here seen celebrating their victory.
Next Meeting: Friday January 15th January John Godber Centre
David Rose

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