Our October meeting began with Part 1 of a theme entitled  ‘The Greening of Nottinghamshire’ presented by David Vincent.

Following the Aberfan disaster new laws were passed regarding coal mining spoil heaps. David was part of the Nottinghamshire County team formed with the task of transforming and making safe the spoil heaps dotted around the county.

In Part 2 in February, David will explain how they set about this task of changing vast quantities of somewhat unstable and toxic waste into our country parks.

After the break we had an introduction to the history of photography which included looking at some ‘older style’ cameras bought in by members.

David Jackson explained how he approached photographing wildlife and gave the group some ideas of how to start from our own back gardens.

Some of David’s excellent photos were then viewed including this successful Kingfisher.

November 17th

Volcanoes with a focus on Vesuvius -Ann and Ian Murray

How knowledge of physics and chemistry led the progress of Photography and a visit to the oldest working photographic studio in Derby – John Tedstone

(Did you know that David was the most popular boy’s name from the late 1940s through to 1974 when 1 in 20 boys were named David .We have 7 Davids in the Science Group.)

David Rose

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