Science 2 – February Meeting 2018

We began with John Tedstone checking up on the ‘homework’ from last month. This was based on part of the research paper about the glacial melt project in Greenland. Jean Arrowsmith was judged to have made the best attempt and received a virtual gold star.
The main topic was ‘Body Systems’ initially looking at the different types of cell which are the basic building blocks of tissues and organs. In small groups the members completed an activity to identify each system and to recognise its main role in the body.
To follow up some members were kind enough to share their personal experiences of medical interventions. We ended with two rounds of ‘Pointless Science’ the winning team receiving a much sought after U3A Diary.
The photograph shows the members carrying out the small group work.

The theme for our next meeting is ‘Pathogens, disease and the development of Public Health’. The focus will be on how the advance of scientific knowledge and understanding of the real causes of disease, coupled with improvements in public health, improved the quality of life and life expectancy of people.
To complement this there will be short presentations from:
Sue Tedstone – ‘Blood Cells’
Helen Rose – ‘Low Blood Pressure’
Carol and David Insley – ‘John Snow’
together with an activity based on the ‘detective work’ of John Snow.
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