NSGOM Veolia Visit

In February, the Not So Grumpies visited Veolia’s Materials Recovery Facility at Mansfield and were treated to a fascinating insight into the world of recycling. On arrival at the MRF we were welcomed by Lesley Taylor of Veolia, who provided us with refreshments and then gave us an overview of the materials recovery process and explained what could and could not be recycled. Following an induction and Health and Safety briefing, during which members eventually worked out which way round a hard hat was meant to be worn, we were taken on a tour of the Facility. She pointed out and explained the processes and stages of recovery, which eventually resulted in the various materials being baled up ready for collection. The attached photos show various old and used objects being lined up for sorting. Much better informed, and having significantly reduced Veolia’s stocks of tea and biscuits, we then made our way to Larch Farm to discuss what we had learned and to see what else we could recycle.
Fairly Grumpy David Jackson

Hi David
Thank you for the photographs and the report (which made me smile).
I am very pleased that you all enjoyed the morning; I had a lovely time and really enjoyed meeting you all. Thank you for arranging the visit and for your kind comments on your feedback form.
Keep up the good work!
Kind regards

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