Science 2 report and next meeting details

Our October meeting covered two areas of science. In the first 30 minutes Terry Hill took us on a journey from the theory of the ‘Big Bang’ to the Higgs boson ‘God Particle’.
Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics are very high level concepts and Terry made it both interesting and intelligible.
The second session was based around the science of sound and music. Presented by guest Derek Wileman who explained how we hear through our senses, especially ear and brain, what sound and sound waves are and how we put sounds together to make ourselves understood and to make music. Using a signal generator he proceeded to test the range of hearing within the group. Unfortunately for many of us our ability to detect higher frequencies diminishes with age. Along the way he illustrated points using both his own and members musical instruments.
Our thanks to both Terry and Derek.
Friday 20th November The Studio John Godber Centre
There are 2 parts to the session:
1. Medical Matters 2. ‘End of term’ Science Quiz.
Please note there is no meeting in December .
January 15th Topic TBA
David Rose

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