At our January meeting we were pleased to welcome two of the academic staff from Nottingham Trent University.

Dr Amy Twigger Holroyd who is an Associate Professor of Fashion and Sustainability in the School of Art & Design. She leads research projects at the intersection of fashion, making, design and sustainability. She also contributes to BA and MA teaching and supervises PhD students.

Dr Katherine Townsend a researcher, educator, practitioner and Professor in Fashion and Textile Practice in the Fashion, Textiles and Knitwear department in the School of Art and Design. She is a PhD supervisor who contributes to postgraduate and undergraduate teaching.

The theme of their presentations was sustainability in fashion and a focus on reusing and reshaping discarded clothing/material. They described some of the research and community projects around reuse and sustainability that they are currently involved in. It was a lively session with lots of interesting questions from the members.

It may be a cliché, but the mantra “buy less and buy better” is key when we consider that a staggering 100 billion garments are being produced globally every year. Before making a purchase, maybe we should ask ourselves three all-important questions:
‘What are you buying and why? What do you really need? Will you wear it at least 30 times?’

Thanks to Christine Vincent for arranging this link with the university.

Friday, 17th February Meeting
John Tedstone will follow up his presentation about the Severn Barrier with a current very ambitious proposal to erect a barrier to produce energy across the Wash.

In part 2, a change of topic when I will go full David Attenborough to consider animal extinction, re wilding and facts about some endangered species.

David Rose

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