Scams – October 2021

Fake meal vouchers for Wetherspoon pubs

These are being promoted on Facebook, despite the chain shutting all its social media accounts in 2018. Facebook users who comment on the posts published by the fake Wetherspoon pages are told they will win meal vouchers if they receive comments from Wetherspoon. But these comments come from scammers who have set up the pages.

The posts read ‘Congratulations for those of you who have received comments from us, you have the opportunity to win them’. You are then asked to like and share the post with your friends.

Luckily, the fake profiles don’t have large followings unlike other competition scams, but they do have the potential to reach a large audience. Two false Facebook pages claim to be legitimate Wetherspoon social media profiles, both sharing posts following the same format. If received report it: to the 7726 service – a free text service that enables you to report all spam texts.

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