Pub Quiz has new Group Leader

John Peters, our Quizmaster, is taking a break for health reasons for the foreseeable future but we do have five months’ worth of Quiz questions which he has formulated so keep your thinking caps handy. Sandra Green is acting Quizmaster and in July the theme was “International Cities” and questions were based on London, Paris, New York and Rio de Janeiro. It’s a good job points weren’t taken off for bad spelling or else hardly anyone would have gained a point! At one stage there were seven different spellings of Toulouse Lautrec! The eventual winners were the “Mental Blanks” team, seconded by the “Whatever” team.
The subscription is £1 per person which covers each team’s Quiz sheet and a raffle ticket for each member. There is a cash prize for the first and second team, with a £5 pub voucher for the raffle, along with a Bumper Bag containing donated items, for which our thanks are given to those who donated.
The next Pub Quiz & Lunch will be on Monday, 8th August at 12 noon at The Nabb Inn, Nabbs Lane, Hucknall. Just pay the subscription on arrival, then order your lunch at the bar and then put your thinking caps on. There is a Dingbats quiz just for fun, followed by the Quiz itself and then lunch, followed by the answers and the raffle. We are limited to 36 seats so please come early as it is first come, first served for seats in the alcove area.

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