Growing Reading Group

There are now eleven members of the Reading Group which is our absolute maximum due to the number of seats I can provide as host! It has been a bit problematic getting sufficient copies of books as Hucknall Library has been closed for six months, but we are starting off again with the set book “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy which was a World Book Night chosen book and is very thought provoking. We are liaising with the Crime Café held monthly at Hucknall Library so that we can have a set of their books the following month, which will help me in trying to obtain sufficient copies for our group. In June instead of a set book, we all chose a classic to re-visit and it was sometimes quite surprising how well (or not) we remembered reading them the first time. There was no set book in July.
For any information about the Lunch Group, the Weekenders’ Group, the Reading Group, or the Pub Quiz & Lunch, please contact Sandra Green on the form below or tel. 0115 8408132).

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