Pub Quiz and Lunch June

I don’t know whether the fact that it had been Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday the day before, which influenced our Quizmaster this month, but the theme of Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Monkeys and Apes flummoxed quite a few of us when thirty-three members attended the May Pub Quiz. We certainly do learn some fascinating facts! For example, did you know that a group of tigers is called an Ambush or a Streak? Neither did I! But the “Three Red Hot Mommas” team won with a superb score of 22 out of 25 and second were the “Whatever” team.
Why not join us for our June Pub Quiz on Monday, 13th June at 12 noon at The Nabb Inn, Nabbs Lane – but you have to get there early as places are limited to 36? Good luck!

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