Pub Quiz


1. Who rode his ‘Funky Moped’ to No 5 in the UK charts in 1975? Jasper Carrott
2. What are the surnames of the 3 tenors?(1 point for each) Pavarotti, Domingo, Carrera
3. Who wrote and illustrated the children’s book, ‘The Snowman’? Raymond Briggs
4. What was the name of A.A. Milnes’ son? Christopher Robin
5. Who was the captain of ‘The Black Pig’? Captain Pugwash
6. What nationality was the magician and escapologist, Harry Houdini? American
7. Which month in 1969 did Neil Armstrong first stand on the moon? July


8. Which explorer discovered the Hawaiian Islands? Captain Cook
9. In which modern country are the ruins of Troy? Turkey
10. What TV series was set on Craggy Island? Father Ted
11. Which river runs through Baghdad? Tigris
12. On what street in London would you find The Bank of England?Threadneedle St.
13. The A1 road starts in London and finishes in which city? Edinburgh


14. What food would a Cockney be eating if he is going for a ruby? Curry (Ruby Murray)

15. What is the colour of the black box on commercial aircraft? Orange
16. How many old pennies were there in a guinea? 252
17. In which film did Raquel Welch appear in a fur bikini as a cave girl? One Million Years BC
18. The first two words in the film title where David Bowie plays Mr Lawrence? Merry Christmas
19. What is the motto of the boy scouts? Be Prepared


20. What is the highest bid, without doubling, in the game of bridge? 7 No Trump
21. In a game of bowls, what name is given to the target ball? Jack
22. Which team won the 2017 FA Cup? Arsenal
23. Which sport is said to have been played for over 3,000 years? Hurling
24. What is Japan’s national sport? Sumo
25. What is an ice hockey puck made of? Vulcanised rubber

And just for a change, let’s have a Name the Creature Quiz for April

1. Result of a sore throat – (5)
2. A bit of a wrench – (6)
3. Monty’s soldier Desert – (3)
4. Not colder, I think I hear? – (5)
5. These were filmed in the mist? – (7)
6. Hard to hit the ball without one of these? – (3)
7. Tony used to think Frosties where grrrrrreat? (5) – (5)
8. When their tails up, they can cause quite a stink – (5)
9. Troy Tempest used to command one of these? – (8)
10. Naked – (4)
11. Used to lock up the Urine? – (4)
12. A dance where you need to follow? – (6)
13. A shy fish? – (3,4)
14. This bird used to be great for Guinness? – (6)
15. A Roman soldier would die for this standard? – (5)
16. Not the most sensible thing to put down your trousers? – (6)
17. Pulled? – (4)
18. Take the red out of this misleading clue – (7)
19. Boy George thought this animal really had Karma! – (9)
20. Simples! – (7)

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