Pub Quiz

The Monday, 13th June Pub Quiz was attended by 20 members and was won by Team 3 Plus 1. The next Pub Quiz will be on Monday, 11th July at The Nabb Inn at 12 noon. All welcome.

Here are the answers to the June newsletter quiz, which was a mixed-up Alphabet General Knowledge quiz. The first letter of each answer is a letter from the alphabet and it is used only once in the answers.

1. The Right Honourable William Pitt had what nickname? Younger
2. Professor Dumbledore is in charge of which school? Hogwarts
3. With which book do you associate Captain Ahab? Moby Dick
4. Who wrote Dracula? Bram Stoker
5. Who sang with Elton John on ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’? Kiki Dee
6. What is the name of the hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining? Overlook
7. Who had hits with ‘Lets Twist Again’ and ‘The Twist’? Chubby Checker
8. Which Monarch’s reign started in 1837? Queen Victoria
9. What is the highest waterfall in the world? Angel Falls
10. Which dog breed is a cross between a greyhound and a collie? Lurcher
11. Thermal Imaging uses what type of electromagnetic radiation? Infra Red
12. Who owned Bagpuss? Emily
13. Which natural feature lies between the two Great Lakes of Ontario and Erie? Niagara Falls
14. The Underwood brothers played for England at which sport? Rugby Union
15. Which letter is the car registration for Germany? D
16. Which band’s debut album was called ‘Boy’? U2
17. What is 40 in Roman numerals? XL
18. Who originally sang, ‘I Will Survive’? Gloria Gaynor
19. Which children’s TV character lived on Scatterbrook Farm? Worzel Gummidge
20. What is a group of lions called? Pride
21. Where do Tribbles first appear, Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Trek
22. What investigative character was played by Angela Lansbury? Jessica Fletcher
23. Which is the closest planet to Earth? Venus
24. What is the name of the boys’ gang in ‘Grease’? T-Birds
25. What hat do you associate with Tommy Cooper? Fez
26. The Hindenburg disaster featured what type of airship? Zeppelin

And the July quiz is as follows:

1. What is the name of the Greek dip consisting of yoghurt and cucumber?
2. In Indian cooking, what is a Tandoori?
3. What is a mocha?
4. In the UK we know it as sweetcorn, but what cereal grain is it a variety of?
5. Enchiladas originated in which country?
6. In French cooking, what does ‘en Croute’ mean?
7. What are the two main ingredients in a bellini cocktail?
8. The beer brand ‘Old Speckled Hen’ was aquired by which brewery in 2000?
9. Which fast food company used the advertising slogan “I’m Lovin’ it”?
10. What is unusual about the tomato-based soup known as Gazpacho?
11. What body of water separates Saudia Arabia from Africa?
12. Catalonia is a region of what country?
13. What is the largest island is the Caribbean Sea?
14. What are the five boroughs of New York City?
15. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?
16. In what mountain range is Mount Everest located?
17. In which English county is the town of Stevenage?
18. Sofia is the capital of which country?
19. What are the three official languages of Belgium?
20. In which city is the Vatican City?

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