NHS History – Volunteers required

Oral History Volunteers needed in Leicester/Nottingham/East Midlands

Are you a good listener? Are you interested in people?

You will record stories from people treated by or employed in any part of the NHS over the past 71 years.

We want to create a more diverse and inclusive history of the NHS than currently exists. The NHS was created in 1948 to provide free and universal access to healthcare and is a key institution of post-war British everyday life. The lived experiences of workers, patients, volunteers and the public encapsulate a unique part of UK post-war social and health history. But the histories of many communities of patients and workers are absent from existing work. By making the history of the NHS more diverse and inclusive we will produce a shared national story about the NHS for everyone that can be taken into the future and benefit national and international audiences.

What will you gain?

– Professional oral history training

– Communication and research skills

– An opportunity to meet new people

– An opportunity to play a part in an exciting heritage project and help shape its direction.


– You will need to be available for some time during weekdays, evenings and weekends. Training will take place in Nottingham on Friday 8th and 15th November 2019 and some interviews may be undertaken in evenings and weekends.

– Respect the confidentiality of interviewees and other interviewers.

– Commitment to attending oral history training.

– Undertake a minimum of 10 interviews.

– We will be collecting stories throughout the East Midlands between October 2019 and June 2020.

Help us create a shared history of the NHS. Please contact James McSharry for more information:- e: james.mcsharry@manchester.ac.uk or visit our website: nhs70.org.uk

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