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When we wrote our last report a month ago we were hoping that the promised “Freedom Day” would follow on June 21st and hoped to email out some good news to the group. However, this was not to be so the promised email would have been pointless!!!!

July again promises to bring “Freedom Day”, however, while writing this note we see the highest number of Covid-19 cases recorded since mid February. As you will be very aware Social Distancing rules remain the greatest hurdle to resuming our visits. If we get positive new guidelines, then we will contact J B Tours and Fountains Abbey immediately to try to arrange a date for the visit. When we reach this stage we will email or phone all of you who are booked on the visit.

We know that we are all frustrated beyond belief but we will get things organised on the first day that we possibly are able. In the longer term, if it is possible we intend to organise a visit to Belton House to see the Light Trail as well as trying to get some other trips in before the year ends.

Thank you all for your patience and keep your fingers crossed that things improve in the near future.

Sue and Barrie Saunders

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