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It is difficult to join an established group, especially when, as with the choir, the group is given knowledge which is needed at future meetings.

Last month, I suggested that we could hopefully look forward to returning to choir meetings, and that the break caused by the pandemic had created a wonderful opportunity to make it easier for anyone interested in singing, to join in. It’s such a rare opportunity that I thought I would repeat it. I have received some responses, but the more members who decide to try it, the easier it will be for everyone, including established members who will no doubt enjoy a refresher, (and who may even gain a greater understanding than they did the first time round). It’s a tiny benefit from the pandemic, and if you’ve ever been tempted to join us it would be a pity to miss what hopefully will be a unique opportunity. Who knows how well you’ll do?

When I joined the choir I hadn’t sung with others since my primary school days, but a few years ago was able to perform with the Halle Choir at their Christmas Concert at the Royal Concert Hall. It was a challenge, I didn’t know the standard required, and went into the first rehearsal prepared for rejection and disappointment, but I was accepted and didn’t have any difficulties. Not a tremendous achievement, but an unexpected and happy memory for someone with my limited training and experience, singing, facing an audience of 2000, with a prestigious orchestra at the Royal Concert Hall. If you’ve ever been tempted to join a choir, do give yourself a chance to see where it could take you, or just be happy to have fun with us.

I’d like to thank choir members for their good wishes whilst I have been incapacitated in recent weeks, I appreciated your kind thoughts. I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to each of you, but typing continues to be extremely painful, and remains for some time afterward. (Obviously, I didn’t type this!)

Enjoy the Summer, everyone, and keep safe.

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