Mid-Length Walking June Walk

Our June walk was from Trent Lock to the Visitor’s Centre at Attenborough Nature Reserve. Seventeen of us set off along the Cranfleet Canal to Cranfleet Lock and then along footpaths to Trent Meadows. We were treated to a display of dredged sand and gravel being transported along an outdoor conveyor to a barge waiting in the nearby lagoon. Even after a lot of persuasion Maureen wouldn’t agree to hop onto the conveyor, which meant we were all deprived of the spectacle of her sailing by on the sand barge all the way to Attenborough – what a spoil sport!! We then walked alongside the River Trent to eat our lunch at the picnic benches outside the Visitor’s Centre – what a treat, not having to sit on the ground. After lunch we walked back to Trent Lock along the Trent Valley Way. This was a flat, easy walk with lots of interesting things to observe on the way. However, our planned seven mile walk went a bit pear-shaped when I missed the turn down to the Visitors Centre. We walked an extra mile and a bit, going past the cricket pitch but I think that I have been forgiven! We finished off with a welcome drink outside the Steamboat Inn. A great day out.
Our next walk is on: Monday 21st July to Ashford-in-the-Water

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