Message from the Chair

First and foremost, on behalf of the Committee and myself, may I express my very sincere hope that you and your families and friends are staying safe and well in the present unprecedented circumstances in which we all find ourselves. Obviously the present Coronavirus has changed the way we live, possibly for ever. The process of coming out of the present situation is going to be difficult and no more so than for U3A Members, with many of us possibly facing a lengthy lockdown period.

On a practical note, we were obviously not able to hold an AGM in April which means that following the procedures laid down in the Constitution, then the Committee will continue to operate with its present membership until an AGM can be arranged

We will try to keep in touch in various ways, including the website and, where possible and practical, by using virtual classes for some Interest Groups. The Newsletter will inevitably look different in content. We will get the Newsletter delivered to those of you who live in Hucknall but do not have email access. For those members who live slightly further afield, then we will post out your copy.

On a positive note, the present crisis has brought out the best in people and whether it is coming out to clap the NHS and other essential workers, helping out with needs of friends and neighbours or just having a chat with other people, we have seen a particularly caring side to many people.

Keep Safe and Healthy and above all try to stay positive and remember that if we can help in anyway then please ask!!!

Barrie Saunders

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